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$0.00 Blog - Empowering Female Athletes - team athletes Summer 2016 Crew Edit Summer 2016 Crew Edit

The team athletes and ambassadors have submitted their favorite clips from Spring and Summer of 2016, showcasing the regional diversity and unique sports including skateboaring, longboarding, flowboarding, surfing, paragliding, mountain biking, rodeo and more!
Team Athlete Taylor McCullough on Kevin Sutton Show

Team Athlete Taylor McCullough on Kevin Sutton Show

Sports Radio Podcast Host Kevin Sutton interviewed team athlete and pro wakeboarder Taylor McCullough yesterday. Listen to the episode now! 
Team Athlete Taylor McCullough on PCTV

Team Athlete Taylor McCullough on PCTV

Pro Team Athlete Taylor McCullough and Tony Duffy of SheShreds and talked to Park City Television about the upcoming events in Utah this summer - get stoked here! 
SheShreds 2016 Wake Clinics: Meet Team Athlete, Pro Wakeboarder Taylor McCullough

SheShreds 2016 Wake Clinics: Meet Team Athlete, Pro Wakeboarder Taylor McCullough

It's almost time for the SheShreds 2016 Wakeboard Clinics!  If you want to meet some rad girls and get pointers from pro wakeboarder Taylor McCullough, then you need to get out to SheShreds HQ in beautiful Utah!
Fitness Tips & Schedule for Summer Board Sports with Pro Athlete Dee Spencer

Fitness Tips & Schedule for Summer Board Sports with Pro Athlete Dee Spencer

Spring has finally arrived and summer boarding season is here! At we are super stoked to be having a Monthly Flowrider Event with Dee Daniels Spencer, who is the World Champion of Flowboarding. Crew Winter Season Edit 2016 Crew Winter Season Edit 2016

Our team athletes and ambassadors from around the world shared some of their favorite shots from the 2015/16 Winter Season. We're thrilled to present our first team edit featuring the women of snowboarding, skiing and ice cross as they progress, stomp... Wake Crew Edit 2015 Wake Crew Edit 2015

Get stoked for wake season with our crew!  At the end of the summer, we gathered footage from our team athletes and ambassadors to put together the first ever crew edit.  We're stoked to be able to feature so...

Q & A with Pro-Wakeboarder & SheShreds Athlete Taylor McCullough.

SheShreds was excited when Pro-Wakeboarder & Team Athlete Taylor McCullough recently visited Utah and held a wakeboard clinic and Ladies Night with lucky participants. After that exciting week, the SheShreds HQ was even more stoked to hear that Taylor is...

SheShreds Ladies' Night At Club Rec in Utah

Whether you're waiting for the snow to fall or you are sitting inside itching to get on the water, we have some great visuals that may make you really jealous. The Team put together another successful and fun Ladies'...

6 Shred-Inspired Summer Playlists for 2015

Summer solstice should be a mini-holiday that the Shredding World should be required to be celebrated. With the summer kicking off, the SheShreds Crew is excited to bring in the sunshine, shred sessions, and great memories. To help you make...

6 Ways Dads Impacted Our Shred Style

With the summer months here and the abundant sunshine-filled shredding days on the horizon, we wanted to share the family shredding love for Father’s Day. With all of the girl power here at SheShreds, we wanted to ask our ambassadors...

She Shreds Chronicles: Overcoming Obstacles with Skateboarding

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said “You can do this!”? Whether it was a job interview, new shredding competition, first day of school, or meeting new people, doing something new always can use a little...

Mountain Morning Show Feature for Founder Gina Duffy, Pro-Flowboarder/Sponsored Athlete Dee Spencer, and Ambassador Hayley Steed were recently featured on Park City TV. Introducing the new Spring/Summer line for 2015 and also talking about the brand's creation.

The Only Girl. By: Ambassador Colleen "Dallas Scars" Daugherty

My whole life I grew up as a part of the guys and didn't have any girl friends. I hated anything and everything girly, including dresses and especially the color pink. I played every sport I could growing up, hockey,...

She Shreds Chronicles: Two Rad Chicks, One Mission

What does it take to kick some butt? Fancy Bruce Lee karate chops? Some legendary arm wrestling wins? What about just being a tough chick with some sweet board skills? Both of our She Shredders this week are nothing short of...

She Shreds Ladies Night: Get With The Flow

Mud season is here and what better way to clean off some of that dirt than getting into the most exciting and challenging action sport of the season at the Flowrider Facility near you! If you call yourself a shredder...
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