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She Shreds Ladies Night: Get With The Flow

by Virginia Buechel on April 08, 2015

Mud season is here and what better way to clean off some of that dirt than getting into the most exciting and challenging action sport of the season at the Flowrider Facility near you! If you call yourself a shredder and are always up for a good challenge, becoming a Flowrider may be right up your alley.

What Is Flowrider?

"The club can’t even handle me right now…” Oops sorry wrong ‘Flo-Rida’. While the beats are bumping you can experience the other Flowrider, an indoor (or outdoor) machine that creates a sheetwave of water and allows riders to experience a whole new level and type of board sport.

Think of it as a hybrid version of surfing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding — but without the ocean part. Basically it’s a wave in a box with over 10,000 gallons of flowing water. And now you’re probably saying, “Huh … but how? Take our suggestion and just check out this cool new board sport that allows riders to experience the excitement all over the world indoor or outdoor.

Why Should I Try It?

The real question is: why shouldn’t you try it? Flowriding is a great experience that you can’t get anywhere else. You don’t have to fight the current to get the perfect wave, it’s always a challenge, and a different ride every time. It’s also a great chance to watch others that perform it; which makes a great atmosphere for learning and challenging yourself.

If you are a surfer, wakeboarder, skim boarder, snowboarder, or even just interested in trying, it will be a challenge for you every time. The elements and flow of the water are constantly changing and no ride is the ever the same. Women in boardsports are constantly looking for excitement and a challenge and Flowriding is a perfect activity to try out during the spring months when you are waiting for the temperature to rise.

Another great reason to try it out is to use different types of muscles you aren’t used to. Instead of riding a wave for a few seconds or getting pulled by your boat, the Flowrider does the water work for you. Which allows you to try tricks, new techniques, and work some core muscles that may have been slacking in the winter months. You can spend more time on the water and less time worrying about getting yourself set up for the next wave. It’s already there for you.

Ok, I’m Ready To Try. Now What?

That’s the enthusiasm we like to hear! If you are in the Utah area you should check out the awesome Ladies Night events happening NOW every Wednesday from 6-9pm with Flowrider, UT and She Shreds.

For 8 weeks the Team in association with Club Rec,, and Powder mountain, Flowrider, UT will be hosting different coaching events every week to help shredding females out with their Flowriding skills. The sessions are 3 hours each for only $15 for the LADIES-only wave section.

With Pro-Coach and Champion Flowrider Dee Spencer on hand, the ladies will be able to learn from the best and get some sweet gear and prizes from raffles and have a blast learning (or enhancing) this awesome board sport. Because it’s only going to be a featured section for the ladies, there is nothing better than bonding with some great girls with some great music and great fun!

If you aren’t in the Utah area, we suggest checking out the Flowrider website for more information and to locate a place near you check out the Waveloch website. There are over 180 locations worldwide so get out there and start shredding! Be sure to post a photo or video of you Flowriding and tag it with #ShredOnSisters and #SheShredsFlow.

If you have any questions about the event or the Flowrider Series with, check out the Flowrider, UT website. Flowrider, UT is located at 2261 Kiesel Ave, Ogden, UT 84401.

Author: Ambassador, Virginia Buechel   Follow her on Twitter to see what else she has to say about shredding! @BueWho


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