About Us

When SheShreds.co began, it was an act of rebellion. It still is. Except now, we are a nation of rebels with one desire: to help girls shred without limits.
There was a time when society dictated the way girls walk, talk, dress, eat, and live. Those views have changed. Women have changed the face of every discipline from science to sports. And at SheShreds.co, we’re stoked to be champions of change.
Snowboarders. Wakeboarders. Skateboarders. Flowboarders. Mountain Bikers. Surfers. Adventurers. We are wired to take risks, push hard, go big, and be bold. And we believe that each one of you can raise the bar — above and beyond what has ever been imagined.
When you ride, we roar. When you win, we cheer. When you fall, we pick you back up. We are small, but our ideas are huge. And together, with girls like you, we will continue to make a difference.

United We Shred!
Gina Duffy, Founder
Our Manifesto
It doesn’t matter what you mother told you that you could or could not do… should or should not be.  It doesn’t matter that your teacher… or your coach said you would never make it. And it doesn’t matter that that guy didn’t give his heart to you the way he should have. All that matters is this moment… this mountain to snowboard… this wave to surf… this rail to grind… this last mile to run… this steep to bike up… this wake to jump… this moment to shred. No one can hold you back now. Shred on, sisters. Shred on!  Gina Duffy, SheShreds.co founder
Our Mission
To make sure that every girl who wants to shred can. And feels damn good doing it.
As a cultural experience, we celebrate ladies of all ages who are out there getting their shred on … loving life … being daring … and “gettin’ some” in action/adventure sports/activities, and beyond. And for the ladies who haven’t found the courage yet … we look forward to finding you. 
As a retail experience, we are hell bent on helping ladies find the very best functional and fashionable gear and apparel … through direct brand relationships and significant retail affiliate programs including Boardco.com (wake and wakesurf), and Backcountry.com (snow, skate, ski, and adventure).
… and develop a SIGNATURE BRAND with a message and attitude not to be ignored!
Our Values
Passion. Freedom. Style. Courage. Pain. Support. These values represent our responsibility to our customers, and our shared right as sisters who ride and rock.
PASSION – SheShreds.co was born out of Gina Duffy’s fierce love for action sports, fashion, and adventure. She’s found a way to bring all three together, and she wants to fuel that passion in her fellow shredding sisters.
FREEDOM – It’s not just about sports — it’s about self-expression. This Cultural Online Retail Experience for Women is for the style conscience female outdoor and action sports enthusiast who wants to look good and feel good while snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, skateboarding, paddle boarding, running, hiking, mountain biking… shredding.
STYLE – You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function, or vice versa. You can have both, along with a brand to call your own and a community to support you.
COURAGE – It’s a muscle that must be used, whether it’s riding, surfing, or snowboarding. It means taking risks. And it means speaking out. We are committed to acting with courage, and hope you will be, too.
PAIN – When you tackle the wake, snow, or street, there's bound to be growing pains. But what you accomplish with every shred will hurt so good. So embrace it, and let it propel you forward.
SUPPORT – We must recognize that nobody is a success on their own. We need each other to grow, and we need each other to achieve our goals. That's why we spend so much time working hand in hand with female athletes and other female sports associations and organizations.
Our Partnerships
Our Mantra
Shred on, Sisters. Shred on!

Our Stomping Grounds: You can find us on Powder Mountain most days in the winter months or on the glass wakeboarding and wakesurfing on Pineview Reservoir.
Our Base Camp is somewhere in between:  41° 20' 2.737",  -111° 49' 35.1703"