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All over the world, the women of our crew ignite each other’s fearless side in bold and unique ways. They train together, they push past their limits together. They progress together. And if one takes a fall, ten more are standing right nearby ready to scoop her up.
There are two ways to join the movement 

The Nation

The focus of the SheShreds Nation is on COMMUNITY.
We have fostered a global interactive community of women and girls who are cool, kind, inspirational and passionate about their sports.  Our SheShreds Nation program is for female athletes of any skill level and any age. 

The SheShreds Ambassador Program

The focus of the SheShreds Ambassador Program is LEADERSHIP. 
Our tiered ambassador program supports and educates women and girls who are interested in building more connections within their favorite sports.  For those interested in being a part of the action sports industry, we work to help them to grow their career in their chosen sport.  Whether you want to work behind the scenes, as a professional athlete, or just build community for your weekend hobbies, our goal with the ambassador program is to support progression and success in whatever each ambassador's chosen path is.
Read more about what is required of our ambassadors. 

Our global community of ambassadors is over 700 women strong. 

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