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In today’s world, reducing, reusing, and recycling plays a big part in keeping our earth clean and lowering the amount of waste people use. One of our own ambassadors, Abigail Berg, realized this and decided to apply it to snowboarding.   With her husband’s help, she created a shred spot for skiers and snowboarders reusing natural resources such as fallen logs. As a team, they took something dead and used it to create something incredible for the public’s use... that is, if you can find it. This spot is appropriately called The Log Spot.

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This month, the Ambassador of the Month award goes to someone who has quite simply blown us away with her athletic skills.  Check her out in the St Paul, MN Stop of the Red Bull Crashed Ice - Myriam is in white and red.  

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By Ambassador Rachel Bailo

From my start in snowboarding, I’ve always been that ‘lone-ranger’ so to speak. Am I ok with that? Absolutely. Does it bother me to have company? Of course not! The more the merrier!

Riding solo is something special to me. It’s a pure intimate, creative, emotional rollercoaster ride; all piloted by me. Succumbing to the music, and getting lost in the glades, I get in touch with myself on such a surreal level that more often than not, it feels like a dream. Each turn, jump, and spin has its own intricate part in my masterpiece. They’re so unique, that no two runs will ever be the same.

I don’t think riding alone should ever be focused on ‘how many runs can I get in today’ or nailing that trick, but more of a connection to the mountain and myself. A form of meditation if you will. I take in the energy from my surrounding elements; music, weather, snow, and terrain. Combine those with my heart and soul and I’m left with something so indescribable, so humbling.

Sound amazing? Here are my tips for those who are a bit shy about the idea of riding alone:

Tip 1: Enjoy the day. If you’re going to set any goals, make it your goal to have a great day. Forget about everything else. That’s just added stress, and that’s what we’re trying to stay away from.

Tip 2: Live in the moment.  All too often we grab that GoPro or our camera and snap away. We see life through filtered lenses rather than soaking it up. Live in the moment; feel the sun on your face or the sharp bite of wind as you stretch and survey the lands.

Tip 3: Talk to people. Be a social butterfly on the lifts (at least with those who don’t creep you out)!  There is nothing better than reminiscing with those veterans who are still out there killing it. They’re the living proof that it’s ok to never grow up. You only get one life, so why not enjoy it to the fullest. Also, let’s not forget the live mountain reports from those who got first chair!

Tip 4: Don’t be intimidated. So your heart is saying go to the park. Ok, do it! Don’t let those silly child-like vultures perched at the top of the park intimidate you. They’ll try to, but you’re just having too stellar of a day to let that happen. On the flip side to that: That veteran you were talking to on the chair ride up, he let you in on a secret stash off in the glades. You might want to check that out to…

Tip 5: Follow your heart, but also your intuition.  Following your heart will take you to that park lap you want or that secret stash you heard about. Whichever it is, you’re heart is your soul; it’ll take you to where you want to be. The place you yearn for.
Your intuition on the other hand, never ignore that!  One huge risk of riding alone is getting hurt or lost. If you’re not an experienced black diamond / glade rider, I would recommend not doing those alone. If at any point something doesn’t feel right, odds are, it isn’t. Never push the boundaries of riding in backcountry or in avalanche territory without the proper education and a buddy!

Tip 6: Good music. Fill your ears with your favorite tunes. Because what’s better than having your favorite tunes while doing something you’re passionate about?

Tip 7: Feed off the energy.  Odds are, if it’s a blue bird day, and your tunes are on point, you feel good!  Feed off of that, get in sync with yourself (emotionally, and physically), as well as the mountain. Let it help create your masterpiece.

Tip 8: Fall. Don’t be afraid to fall and look like a goon! Chill out, try a press if you feel it. If you fall, just get back up! You’re just there to have fun anyways.

Tip 9: Smile when it’s all done. When the day’s all done, never walk away without a smile. Never get down on yourself because you didn’t lock in that trick you wanted. Its ok! You still got to ride, right?

Tip 10: Après. Everyone needs a good après after wrapping up a killer day, don't be afraid to Après alone! Whether it’s juice or water, a cocktail or a beer; have a drink. You deserve it. 

Veroniqi Hanssen's documentary series Foren heads to Tahoe.  We were stoked to help sponsor this series following the lives of female shredders. 

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In last time’s blog we spoke about the difference between Dream Goals and SMART Goals and difference between OUTCOME, PERFORMANCE and PROCESS goals.

Whilst all this is good stuff in theory how can we turn this into something useful we can use?  To help I’ve created you a one pager called The Big Badass Scary Goal Planner which I hope will help you to put together your plan for achieving the big goals important to you.

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It's always incredible when ambassadors open up and share their stories to help others on our crew, and Oregon ambassador Alison Fountain is no exception.  She recently shared her story in an effort to help others learn to move past personal loss, and the incredible strength it took to endure tragedy and still put herself out there and try to live life to the fullest inspired all of us.

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Stoked to be featured in local paper the Ogden Valley News. Read More

The impact of large events like the X Games goes way beyond the gold medals and the media hype.  The ability to watch the highest level of athletes perform can be inspiring, and what goes on behind the scenes even more so.  Our ambassadors react to their experiences watching the Winter X Games 2017. What was your favorite moment?  

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An epic Ladies Night! Big thanks to everyone who came out to shred some powder with us. 


Stoked to be part of the Sundance Film Festival this year - we donated some goodies to the Park City Television Gift Bags that go out to participants in the festival!  Check out all of the Utah brands that got featured. 

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