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June 2020 Ambassador of the Month - Ashley Earp

by Kelly Vance on June 10, 2020

This month, we wanted to pick an ambassador who was doing something positive and uplifting for her sport, especially someone who had made an effort to focus on inclusion and diversity. 

Ashley Earp came immediately to mind - this roller skater came up with a way last month to connect and uplift other roller skaters around the world, with her #humanson8wheels project.

"We wanted to give a shout out this month to an ambassador that may fly under the radar at times…Ashley Earp. A truly rad quad skater, who struggles with a chronic illness. Yet, as much as she struggles, she finds the will, the energy and the love in her heart to help others and spread positivity and gives others the spotlight with her #humanson8wheels project. Her goal in connecting with skaters all over the world from every different background is inspiring!"
- Gina Duffy, Founder

View Ashley’s Instagram @smashley54 to see some of the stories she has been sharing so far: 

Here’s Ashley’s story about her #humanson8wheels passign project:

Sometimes, I get a little tired of talking about myself. Instagram does a great job of bringing us together and creating inspiring communities, but does anyone else ever feel pressure to create content that’s perfect? Does anyone else feel missed, sometimes? I have been thinking long and hard about my passion for roller skating, and yes, I love to share my skating with you. Yes, it has gotten me through difficult times and still continues to do so. It is my passion! But my story is no more important than YOUR story. I want to connect with you all. I want to know how skating impacts your life. I want to talk about other things that are important in your life. I want to talk to people who are just picking up skating, people who are using it to cope with other things in life, people who use it as a hobby, people from all disciplines, people who might feel a little looked over but still have something to say. I can’t promise you a ton of new followers, or perks for sharing your story with me. But I can promise a genuine and deep conversation! If you would be interested, I would love to meet on zoom and have a phone call. If you’re comfortable, I would love to share your story on my personal instagram. Because life is all about connection. SKATING is all about connection!



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