September 2020 Ambassador of the Month - Maisie Subia (and Family!)

September 02, 2020

September 2020 Ambassador of the Month - Maisie Subia (and Family!)

When our littlest ambassadors join, it’s a whole family effort, and we love to see families that encourage their young shredders to go for it and have fun! This Ambassador of the Month goes out to one of our favorite shredder families, and to all of the families out there committed to keeping up the stoke! 

“We absolutely ADORE this adventurous family! They truly inspire all of us. We found Maisie when she was just ONE snowboarding! Dad & mom were pulling her on the tiniest little board and well, it was about the about the cutest thing we had ever seen! We have watched Maisie continue to grow and shred and even welcomed a little brother Travis who is following right in her footsteps! This family is always outside, and always doing something rad and we cannot get enough! You can see the love they all have for each other and the stoke for the outdoors. We love seeing their posts in our social media feeds, especially during these crazy times. Thank you for showing us all how important it is to be outside with your kids, teaching them to love each other and build strong bonds. Shred on Fam!”

Gina Duffy, Founder

Maisie when she was our littlest she shredder.

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