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The State of the Snowsports Season 20/21

by Kelly Vance on December 23, 2020

As the snow season has started for 2020/21, we took the time to check in with our athletes about which resorts are open, and how they’re operating. While some resorts are closed, others are operating with limited services, including restricted ticket numbers, restricted parking, and restricted access to the lodge and services. Which ski resorts are doing the best to keep crowds down and guests happy? Read on below. 

Have you been able to make it up to your favorite local spot? Add your experiences in the comments below! 

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Ambassador Kenzie Morris shares her experience in Colorado. 

Featured Ambassador: Samantha Marina 

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Red Mountain, BC, Canada

Red Mountain in BC is open. Dining services are limited if not closed but I think they are trying to do more outside food options. Masks in line (and social distancing) and on the lift.
I'd say they're open to full capacity but with the borders closed, and stricter restrictions in the province, they're begging people to come ski (which I really wish they wouldn't!!!) I'm begging for more snow!
Samantha Marina

How is your season going so far?

My snowboard season starts This week! Tried my best to maintain an active 'off' season, and really put a lot of work in on my skateboard. I'm looking forward to transferring over those skills, and see what new things I can unlock on the snow!

What does mean to you? means so much to me in so many ways, but the sense of community and comradery has really played its part throughout this past year. Even without the boards, or the bikes, or the wheels, or the sails; we are all still filled with heart and passion, with love for one another and our differences. This year has really shown me the family side of SheShreds.Co, and I really want to thank y'all for that!

Who is your hero?

I'm inspired by the athletes who constantly try to better themselves regardless of their ability/skill set. I really don't dive deep into the 'scene' of the sports I partake in. Just show me someone working their butt off and having fun- that gets me all sorts of motivated!!

What are your goals for this winter?

Would love to hit some bigger jumps/drops this season, if my knee allows me. I'm also looking forward to exploring new parts of my local mountain and challenging myself with more technical terrain.

Taos, New Mexico

We have limited capacity and limited services. The season passes were 5 times normal price but so far great conditions and the mountain to yourself. They’re only allowing so many people above the season passes. 
Brook Krumback


We can’t get any food right now, chalets are closed expect for very limited things. Face coverings required in lift lines, closer together areas, and we’re supposed to have it on in tow park. Season pass holders are good but lift tickets have a daily limit, and you need to reserve in advance. In Wisconsin you can get food! Literally drive over the border ten minutes and I can eat somewhere. It’s been really goofy out here in the Midwest!
Amanda Monge

Purgatory, Colorado

CO has banned indoor dining, so Purgatory is offering to-go orders/ pickup. Masks are required anywhere on the mountain unless actively skiing and the lifties are really good about enforcing it. No one is required to share a lift, regardless of capacity. Unlike parties may ride together, but they must keep one empty seat between each other.
I have a double layer woven mask (with a map of Telluride on it because why not). I swear, it captures every single droplet I have ever exhaled. I mostly ski solo, so I ride the chair solo as much as possible. The only time I share is on the six-pack with one other person and we sit on opposite ends of the chair. I also make sure I am there for first chair and leave when it gets difficult to socially distance from others in line. Supposedly, they are limiting ticket sales (which are all done online), but I find that hard to believe after this weekend! Season pass holders do not need to reserve a "space" ahead of time, thankfully.
Lainey Severson


Everything is closed here (except for poma lift for the ski club) touring is allowed, so aiming to get strong this season!! Might open mid January, depending on if hospitals are freed up or not...
Anna Karin-Nilsson
We were going to France for Christmas. Have had to cancel due to quarantine rules between UK & France, but now I also believe that France are not operating yet until at least mid January..
Marnie Millington

Featured Ambassador: Brook Krumback

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Favorite songs to listen to while shredding?

My favorite songs to listen to while riding are: King of Everything by Wiz Khalifa, Truth Hurts by Lizzo, and Stay Fly by Three 6 mafia

How is your season going so far?

Winter season for me just started this weekend and i am so stoked to be back on snow in my happy place, camping weekends in the ski basin parking lot waking up to ride doesnt get much better than that. Passes this year were expensive due to covid restrictions but its also nice to have the mountain to ourselves too to look at the bright side of all the crazy. Cant wait for this weekend! Snow is coming!!

What does mean to you? to me is an amazing group of motivated girls inspiring each other and showing everyone how amazing us girls can be at all the shredtastic sports! Love our community and all the amazing girls in it!!

Who is your hero?

My hero as far as sports would have to be either Anna Gaser or Chloe Kim! Both those girls are amazing at their sports and keep progressing each year which is totally impressive when you get to that level and still going up!

What are your goals for this winter?

My goals for this winter are to get more comfortable playing around on natural features and jumps. But as for the park, which is my favorite place on the mountain, i would really like to do a front board slide with full dedication rather than a half turn like this last year as well as master my spineroo inspired by Jen Jones

The Netherlands

We just heard that we are on full lockdown again. Everything will be closed at least till Jan 19th and there is no travel until mid-March. I wanted to hit the indoor ski-hall. I am afraid I need some of you ladies to re-teach me to ski in 2022!
Kitty Erina, CEO



AZ Snowbowl has limited capacity this season and tweets when capacity is reached.
Natalie Graham

Tahoe, California

California is reservation only with a season pass. No day tickets. For all of the resorts, including Sierra, Northstar, Heavenly.
Kim Vincent 
We be been to a few places and everyone is doing things a little different. Squaw/Alpine has been building extra corrals and requiring double layer masks (which some people aren’t necessarily following)
I have discovered the KN-95 masks to cause less goggle fog and a good seal around the nose, it’s pretty easy to ride in too, just looks pretty funny.
Kenzie Morris

Marble Mountain, Newfoundland, Canada

Limited capacity, limited services and we just had our first dusting of snow!! Usually we are well on our way for opening day which is January 1 most years. 2020 is still causing strange things to happen here.
Writing you from Marble Mountain, Newfoundland Canada!!
Leanne Rose

Vail Resorts, Colorado

Vail resorts has a reservation system and the Summit/Eagle county resorts have been challenging to do so. They also have their indoor dining closed in Summit, but we are in level red restrictions. I'm hoping to snowshoe a lot this winter with my board on my back, as well as snurfing to stay away from tourists but still get my fix.
Maria Brunori
Vail is doing 25% capacity indoor dining BUT 100% for hotels (which is insane). No booze sold after 10pm and reservations are mandatory for the mountain! If you cant make a reservation for a day you want, that means its full and you can not go up.
They are trying to social distance on lift lines but everyone is ontop of eachother and not socially distancing at all. 
Phoebe Lacoves

Crystal Mountain, Washington

Washington is in a temporary phase right now; take out only for dining, so if that ends in Jan we will have a few more options - our Ski hills are operating at 50% capacity apparently due to governors orders. Reservation system was also put in place for that.
My home mountain has done a great job of adjusting and accommodating Covid restrictions. The first weekend they allowed a few too many people and sent us an open letter. They adjusted. Things have been good since.
They expanded parking, put in snow ramps so we can ski to our cars, they are running shuttles at limited capacity (ours are open) and have changed their take out options.
They put a food truck up top and opened additional take out. You can order your food on your way up the Gondi lol. They’re also building an outdoor tented beer hall. Yes we are all wearing masks and distancing in the lift lines.
Before the temp restrictions we were going to have the option of lunch reservations/Open Table.
Marilyn Wright


Italy closed till mid January, depending on the pandemic situation. We have a lot of snow this year.
Heidi Vercesi

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