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July 2020 Ambassador of the Month - a Tribute to Lejawn Allen Burton

by Kelly Vance on July 01, 2020

This month’s Ambassador of the Month award serves as a tribute to our fallen shred sister, LeJawn Allen Burton.  She was a beautiful light in the snowboard community, always bringing stoke, showing up for every competition, and pushing her progression.  Her passion and dedication for the sports we all love outshone us all, and she spent time on the snow even in late stages of her cancer.

We are so sad to learn LeJawn lost her battle with cancer recently. We met her through our rail jams over the years. She competed at every rail jam we produced and ALWAYS pushed herself so hard. You would have never known a woman that was so athletic and so competitive was dealing with cancer that was ravaging her inside. She competed with an immense amount of courage and heart…that is the way we will always remember her and our rail jams will never be the same without her. Shred on sister and rest in peace.

- Founder, Gina Duffy
Cervical cancer is a silent killer of women around the globe, with symptoms often appearing late in the cancer’s progression.  For information on prevention and screenings, check out the American Cancer Society.
If you’d like to share a story or thought in tribute to LeJawn, we’d love to hear it in the comments below!  May You Forever Shred On, Sister! 
by Summer Strueber on January 19, 2021

LeJawn was an amazing person and inspired so many people. I’m sure she’s jazzed up in heaven that she’s ambassador of the month. I met LeJawn in Tahoe at Daron Ralves’ Banzai Tour and the connection pushed my riding to another level. I was blessed to have been at her wedding at her favorite resort, Brighton. From shredding in Tahoe, Colorado, and Utah and finding hot tubs to enjoy and going to bars and just goofing off I have had so many good times with this woman over the years. You’re missed by so many LeJawn. You fought hard. Miss you 💕

by JaneKnowlton on August 03, 2020

LeJawn was the most passionate and dedicated shredder out there. Not to mention, a beautiful person and a wonderful friend. 💙💚💛💜🧡

by Gary Booth on August 03, 2020

My family and I are so touched that she has been announced as Ambassador of the Month. Snowboarding was her passion, it was her oxygen and she was blessed with so many great friends from that community. Miss you little sister – Shred On!

by Trenna Lee on August 03, 2020

LeJawn would have felt so honored. 💙 Thank you.

by Tawny Swenson on August 03, 2020

Thank you so much for making LeJawn your ambassador of the month! This would make her so happy!!! She lived her life to the fullest everyday, living to ride the mountain tops around the world. Her family would like to put a ride or competition together, in her honor, every year! Please message me if you’re interested in participating! Much love💕 Her sis❤️

by Hayley Sweeney on July 02, 2020

Lejawn was so fun to ride with. Besides competing beside her at the SheShreds Rail Jams, I was lucky enough to take laps with her at Brighton as well. She was always pushing herself to get better at riding and helped me to push myself as well! She will definitely be missed.

by Jessie Hart on July 02, 2020

RIP snow sista! Ride on every fresh powder mountain you have ever dreamt of riding on!! I’m blessed to be here today as a advocate of a survivor of cervical cancer and other cancers. God bless!!

by Tony Duffy on July 02, 2020

Lejawn always brought crazy good energy and intention. A wonderful soul we were fortunate to know have be part of our community and brand.


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