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The Next Progression - Meet the Future of

by Kelly Vance on October 07, 2020

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United We Shred! is the call to action for Founder, Gina Duffy as she passes the torch to its new owner Kitty Erina, a long-time brand ambassador, world class athlete, paraglider and senior business strategist hailing from the Netherlands. 

Powder Mountain, UT, October 1, 2020 - A brand and community born nearly eight years ago in the the pristine mountains of North Utah sure has seen a lot since we were inspired to begin this grand experiment. What started as a board sport focused initiative for women and girls quickly blossomed into a global community of inspired and inspiring athletes of all ages and abilities across every action/adventure sport imaginable, including our first acro-paraglider, Kitty Erina. signature merchandise has found its way to the shelves of Zumiez stores across the U.S., and other specialty stores as well as a robust e-commerce store, while signature events and event support mechanisms have spanned across the planet. Most important, however, is the community of everyday girls doing extraordinary things constantly growing and supporting each other through digital and live comradery 24/7, 365. 

Kitty, with an impressive professional career and athlete resume, brings recreation-focused leadership skills and coaching to the table to drive the community and brand mission forward. “I was thrilled to find this platform of women and girls in a myriad of sports supporting each other in what is mostly male dominated space. This was huge for me and many of these ladies have become like family. Through them and, I really found myself and a place to express myself and my style with like-minded women and girls. This is all love for me, and when the opportunity came up to take the reins, I started working with Gina immediately to get the funding to take into the future!” Kitty shared.

Gina Duffy, founder emoted “Selling is bittersweet but I can’t think of a more loving and tenacious woman to take this forward, continue to grow our U.S. roots and extend it further into Europe and beyond. was a passion project for me and I took it far but there is still much farther to go. There is still so much more potential and I believe in Kitty and her intentions to discover ALL of it!” 

About SheShreds

SheShreds, an action and adventure retail company with a social mission, speaks a powerfulmessage to adventurous women and girls across the globe quite simply that Fate Loves the Fearless and United We Shred! Founded in 2013, they provide a robust line of built-for-female gear, including clothing, equipment, events, athlete support and a powerful voice forfemales. continues to grow as a beacon for girls and women in action/adventure sports with a structured ambassador program and community concept with live and digital parts now in 40+ U.S. states and 15+ other countries. Our ranks swelled to the 1000+ active girls and women forming the crew and driving internationally.

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