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Join Us In Supporting the Goggles for Docs Program

by Kelly Vance on April 09, 2020

The Goggles for Docs program collects new and used snowsports and motorsports goggles and distributes them back to hospitals.  Their goal is to bridge any gaps due to lack of availability of official personal protection equipment, with snow goggles which can provide a suitable replacement. 

Our founder, Gina Duffy preparing goggles to ship to Goggles for Docs.

Donations to Goggles for Docs can be mailed or dropped off at local collection sites, including US Ski & Snowboard in Park City and many local ski areas.   See the Goggles for Docs website for details on shipping and possible drop off locations. 

    • Please Read: Drop-Off Instructions ALWAYS practice appropriate social distancing.
    • ALL gear should be wiped down and placed in a sealed, ziplock bag prior to placing in a drop-off receptacle.
    • If possible, drop goggles directly into collecting receptacles without touching it.
    • Be assured, the collection point person will wear gloves and wash their hands when handling your donation. When gear arrives at the medical facility, it will be disinfected according to each hospital’s protocol and to be used as they deem fit.
    • If you must touch the collection bin, sanitize or wash your hands.
    • Note that not all hospitals are accepting goggles, so please go through proper channels! 
Find all of the details at: 


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