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Get Motivated: 20/21 Winter Season Goals!

by Kelly Vance on November 17, 2020

Nothing motivates quite so well as setting some goals! From fitness to snowboarding to backcountry courses, our ambassadors inspire with their goals for the season. Have an idea to share? Add it to the comments below! 

Marilyn Wright, Ambassador of the Month - @_marilyn______

Last year I got 50 days on the mountain - this year we are going for 100.
I’m taking Avy Rescue and AIARE 2 (just Rec level) and am continuing my mountaineering courses for splitboard mountaineering and leading glacier climbs with The Mountaineers.

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Emily Snyder - @phoney.hawk
Looking to train up for my AASI Level 2 teaching certification this season, and looking to test (hopefully) next season!

Maria Brunori - @mariaaaericaaa
I just got a new board, so my goal is to take it to as many mountains as I can during a global pandemic. I also want to do a bit more filming/taking photos

Kenzie Bathurst @kenzbathurst
My goals are to complete a filming project I’m in the midst of creating now, go into the backcountry at least once a week, complete at least one big human powered trip, and learn a new trick off a

Jen Jones @jen_liz1030

To challenge myself more in the Backcountry , film a ton .. I think I have some big things happening but it is going to be super challenging. Also if we do get to compete, I hope to stay in the 4* division and be kind to myself and stay confident

Malorie Dobyns @malleycat0
Kayak the Grand Canyon!!! I launch 12/3 for a 25 day trip.


Gold Ambassador Valérie Kindlová @vallery_v

As everything is closed due to the coronavirus and it seems it still will be for a while, my goals had to be changed. Usually I’d be drilling my pirouttes and jumps on ice a preparing my snowboard for winter. Instead of that I focus on my longboard dancing, where I simply want to get more flow and to combine my steps and tricks smoothly. 
My other big goal this autumn and winter is running and working out as I prepare for the next Spartan obstacle race (nobody know when it’s gonna be). After years of struggling with breathing I finally got the right medications for my sport induced asthma and I can suddenly run about 7 km on trails and add dozens of burpees to it. My goal is to take the 10km track in the next season, so I work on my persistence. The step after the 10 km is 25 km track, so I guess running and working out are my main activities this winter


 Featured: Valérie Kindlová

Who is your hero?

In general all women who follow their dream no matter what. Those who have courage to step out of their comfort zone and do what they love. My SheShreds sisters are exactly like that and I’m happy I can share their journeys. Talking about my idols, it’s longboard rider and yogi Emma Daigle and my yoga mentor Rosibel Marquez.

What is your favorite way to spend the day off?

Sleep till 9am, I’m not much of an early bird, then some nutritious breakfast and go out. My ideal day is the one spent outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold day, or choosing longboarding, cycling, hiking or just taking a long walk, being outside and active is always lovely. Exercise in nature makes me always super happy! If I have time and streght afterwards I workout a bit at home and then cook some tasty dinner!

Which songs do you have on your shredding playlist right now?

My shreding playlists contain variety of songs from playful electroswing for longboard dancing for more rocking and fast songs to do go downhill. Some of my favourite songs are f.e. Confussion !! by Cycle, Dead and Above by Eric Fuentes (both from the epic longbaording video Endless Roads by Longboard Girls Crew), Drinkee by Sofi Tukker, Kiara by Bonobo, Bella Belle by Electric Swing Orchestra or Dragons by Caravan Palace. My playlist for longboard dancing can actually be found on Spotify, where I’m simply as vallery_v.

What is one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Doing sport or being active. Give me even small amount of time to do some of my things and I’ll be happy till dusk!

What is your favorite ice cream topping?

It must be strawberry toping on vanilla icecream!

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Amanda Monge @girlmonge
I just want to have fun and have confidence in myself this year 💖 The rest will come

Kaitlyn Sullivan 
Been working on fitness weights and cardio so I can handle my sled better! Ride as many days as possible - we are off to a great start for snow this year already! And of course have FUN!!

Linnae Jordan
My goal is to be able to snowboard this year! I've been dealing with some back problems, but physical therapy is helping. I'm pretty sure the weather gods are helping me heal by not snowing in MI, they're waiting till I am ready to ride!

Anna Karin-Nilsson
To fully rehab that knee so skiing can be done to full potential in order to avoid frustration of not being able to shred the awesome stuff my friends do. training to improve my technique in difficult conditions and start to plan some awesome trips for next season since this one won’t be the one to travel to desired destinations due to various reasons...

Erin Eblen
I want to be able to get out on the mountain more! Working full time at a ski shop in the winter time is hard, I got out on the mountain 3 days last year:( I want to be able to progress my riding and grow my bag of tricks!

Emily Fisk
This will be my off season, going to try to stay in the gym!

Natalie Graham
In Feb 2020 I told my husband I was going to take Figure Skating lessons this year. I was worried COVID was going to kill that ... but lo and behold ... here I am already enrolled and active in my sessions!!! I am learning appropriate technique and the teachers are making us use one leg/foot first then right after we learn a skill we have to do it using the other leg/foot!! It's very exciting and rewarding, too

Lainey Severson
Simply to pay off my season pass before we get shut down again. Hahaha!

In all seriousness, I'm focused on ankle rehab. The sprain is still bugging me on a regular basis, which sucks, but we'll get there. I'm hoping skiing will help a bit since I have the stability of the boots. Plus I just need to get out for my mental health or I may start burning things down.... Don't add that last comment. Haha.
Harlow Meehyun Kling
I bought a snowboard. Imma hit some boxes!

Kacee Jo John
Getting myself in better shape for the 2021 rodeo season also to get my side hustle up and going to were its paying for all my horse stuff!

Tarin O’Donnell
Getting more sledding in!! Thus lots of pow laps hopefully.

Elin Tortorice
My goal is to get a good part together that doesn't involve park. All backcountry, loggs, jumps, and lines!! And more

Courtney McNiff
I want to focus a lot on filming this year! I have tons of ideas cooked up I just need to actually get my camera out and film the girls 💁🏻‍♀️
also still working on not being afraid to hurt my knee again. Hoping for some bigger sends this year.
Stacy Pokrywka
My goal is to get on my snowboard as much as possible this year, no matter what the covid restrictions are! I will hike and earn my turns if I need to. I would also like to visit some new resorts that I’ve never been to and meet up with as many ambassador friends as I can!

Hayley Megan Sweeney
I want to hit some big jumps again and learn some bigger tricks! I want to do a 720 off a jump this year.

Samantha Marina
Really wanted to participate in a free ride competition this year but because of covid they aren't running them the same. But Im slightly OK with it since I'm not quite functioning at 100%.
I have an MRI scheduled for the 10th of Dec. Fingers crossed for it being nothing serious and an *easy* (nothing is easy when it come to pain/potential surgery) solution. And hopefully one that doesn't interfere with my winter snowboarding season. Outside of that my goals are to not injure myself more while still pushing my limits. Work on hitting some more challenging terrain while cleaning up/learning a few more tricks.
Brook Krumback
Front board slide is my goal 💯😁🤞🏂
Started to try it last year a few quick times but this year im gonna crush it.
Jasmine Stader
Trying to feel as confident on my snowboard as I do on my bike! ... I want to feel that effortless confidence. Going to split board Jackson Hole tomorrow
Laura Holm
Play uke christmas songs😉... and for winter sports learn to ride a t bar on snowboard and improve my eurocarving I want to be able to lay down in my turns like my daughter can... really the goal to keep up with in short chasing my 14 year old
Bonnie Goodman
I’m planning to do some x-country snowmobile races! 
Kimi Dusti
Continue progressing on kite foiling, and also kiteboarding in waves on a strapless surfboard.

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