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Ambassadors of the Month: Our Everyday Extraordinary Heroes

by Alex Parsons on May 01, 2020

This month, we've decided to honor all of women out there who are pushing limits in a different way - staying strong and working in key roles during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"We talk quite a bit at SheShreds about "Every Day Girls Doing Extraordinary Things…Every. Day”.  Normally, we’re talking about athleticism, overcoming fears, and challenging yourself when it comes to progressing in your sports…but this month I have been blown away by these amazing women who are on the front lines during this challenging time. There are so many SheShreds ladies who are essential in the workforce from ER nurses, nursing assistants who work at nursing homes, teachers teaching online, women in the military, women who are dog walking for nurses and doctors so that their animals are cared for while they work insane hours and so much more. We see you! We see you doing your jobs, putting your own health at risk, going above and beyond on top of that to help others! I am so proud of the women in this community who are EXTRAORDINARY girls, doing EXTRAORDINARY things…EVERY DAY to keep this world turning. Every little bit makes such a huge difference. We want to take this month to THANK YOU and to give you a virtual hug!"

- Gina Duffy. Founder

We want to thank everyone who is in our crew and beyond for everything they're doing to help people who are ill, keep people safe, keep children educated, keep the food supply chain running, and more.  Below are a few ambassadors who we wanted to appreciate, but know that we see there are more of you out there contributing however you can, and we send our appreciation to you all. 

Thank You to Alyse Franklin - @alysefranklin.  This mom, ER nurse, and Ambassador (along with all of her girls!) inspires us in so many ways.

Thank You to Carly Rae - @carlyrea_.  New to our program, Carly is a RN in a hospital in Canada.

Thank You to Amanda Monge @girlmonge - veteran ambassador Amanda is a nursing assistant at a nursing home, dealing with the challenges of coronavirus and the elderly.

Thank You to Brie Pepe @babybrie and Kelly Hayes Hanks who both work in mental health, a key profession in these stressful times. 

Thank You to Valérie Kindlová @vallery_v and Lainey Severson @lainerlys who are both on the front lines in journalism, keeping the news coverage rolling. 

Thank you to Christina McFarland @snobrdohioan, our National Guardswoman ambassador, and to all others in the military service, police, and firefighting who work to protect us.

Thank You to Lauren Dillard @wittlelauren_, Maria Brunori, Lauretta Carpenter Bailin @lbrun211, Briana Teifer @briteif, and countless others who are working in education, adapting to teaching online, and keeping students engaged, healthy, and interested. 

 Thank You to Colleen Cain @wksurfgrl11 and Jessie Graves @hotdogjesse who both have been working with animals - Colleen in a wild animal rescue and Jesse has kept her dog walking business open to support first responders and front line workers. 




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