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November 2020 Ambassador of the Month: Marilyn Wright

by Kelly Vance on November 03, 2020

This month, for ambassador of the month, we’ve chosen an ambassador who is newer to the crew, but has quickly become a big part of the community.

From day one, Marilyn has been committed to sharing the stoke and enthusiasm for her favorite outdoor activities with the crew! From backcountry snowboarding expeditions on her favorite Northwest mountains to hiking and exploring the outdoors to riding her OneWheel, we’ve been loving seeing everything Marilyn gets up to! 

On top of that she has made a lot of effort to connect with our community and to share the stoke for SheShreds with other lady shredders she knows, and we love that. Congrats Marilyn on being chosen as our Ambassador of the Month! 

Since Marilyn joined Sheshreds as an ambassador she's activily participated in sharing the stoke. The fun and passion for outdoor sports is so clear on her social media. If you check out her instagram, you'll see what I mean. Her enthusiasm is contagious! We love having here and from the way she has become a part of the community, you would think she has been around much longer. 

- Kitty Erina, CEO of

Get to Know Marilyn: 

Who is your hero? Other than my Mom, it would be Laura Hadar.

What are your goals for this winter? It is my hope to continue Avalanche education and attain my AIARE Level 2. It would be even more ideal for my mountaineering classes to resume. Given the status of COVID-19, my main goal is to get outside and slide sideways as much as possible.

What is your favorite way to spend the day off? It is not uncommon to find me knitting, drawing and/or listening to podcasts in my “free” time.

Which songs do you have on your shredding playlist right now? “Purple Hat” and “Best Friend” by Sofi Tukker, “Let the Rhythm Just” by The Polish Ambassador, “Hmu” by Space Jesus

What is one thing that can instantly make your day better? Japanese onsen

What is your favorite ice cream topping? Salted caramel

Where can girls follow you on social media? Instagram: @_marilyn______


Some of Marilyn’s Favorites:



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