The Only Girl. By: Ambassador Colleen "Dallas Scars" Daugherty

May 07, 2015




This weekend was eventful after winning the DH Women's race, I walked away with an Original Aribter DK. 

I also walked away with a new sponsorship, SheShreds! I'm so stoked about being the newest ambassador for this amazing team of ladies! I share the vision they have about female athletes powering through their sports. My new teammates all have this love and passion for what they do. I can't wait to see what this coming up year will have in store for me. (: 
My whole life I grew up as a part of the guys and didn't have any girl friends. I hated anything and everything girly, including dresses and especially the color pink. I played every sport I could growing up, hockey, speed skating, baseball then softball, roller derby and now I have longboarding. 
While playing all these sports, I had to overcome being the only girl around in my group of friends. Yeah I got teased sometimes but I learned how to dish it right back and grew thick skin. They may have given me a hard time growing up but they are still very good friends of mine to this day and would do anything for me. This has made me who I am today, I am a confident person who takes risks and not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I love to hang out with my friends and make new friends everywhere I go. 
The longboard community is the same way, full of guys and very little ladies. I love how we are a big family and take care of each other. When I meet ladies who skate, it becomes an instant friendship, which is rad.  I also love how the guys push my limits even when I'm unsure of my skills then, after I nail the run with them, we all get so hyped on it! The guys are pretty supportive in Texas. Being a female in the male dominant sport of longboarding can be difficult at times, but I don't view it as an obstacle. I view myself the same as them taking pack runs together. Being a female shouldn't hold me back one bit. I don't ever use the excuse of "I'm a girl" because I'd be playing into the stereotypical female can't do it idea and I don't like that at all. Here's to being a female and skating my heart out every time I step on my board. 
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