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She Shreds Chronicles: Two Rad Chicks, One Mission

by Virginia Buechel on May 06, 2015

What does it take to kick some butt? Fancy Bruce Lee karate chops? Some legendary arm wrestling wins? What about just being a tough chick with some sweet board skills? Both of our She Shredders this week are nothing short of all these skills combined. (Ok, maybe not the Bruce Lee karate chops.)

Dee Spencer, is a professional flowrider and SheShreds Sponsored-Athlete making waves on the Flow Tour and Nat Graham, is an ageless shredder and SheShreds Ambassador that kills the competition by consistently challenging herself. Both of these women embody what a true She Shredder is all about, heart.

You Can’t Teach Heart, You Have It or You Don’t

The philosophy is passion, freedom, style, courage, pain, and growth. All of these components can be wrapped into one: heart. Both of these women have so much heart which allows them to compete at the highest levels in their sports and also challenge themselves on a regular basis. We’re going to take a deeper dive into what makes these women *tick* and how they are blazing huge paths in their boarding worlds and for female boarding athletes everywhere. First up, Dee Spencer.

Denise “Dee” Spencer & Her Flow

Dee Spencer is a Pro Flowrider and is currently on the 2015 Pro-Am Flow Series Tour in which she has been showing off her talents with  the best in the nation and demonstrating why she is a force to be reckoned with. Also a snowboarder and skateboarder in her free time (when she has it!), Dee focuses her energy on making a name not only for herself but more importantly the Flowriding sport and culture.

With the 2015 Flow Tour in full swing Dee was recently competing in Rivera Beach, FL where she was putting her passion to the test while competing against some of the best in the sport. She sure didn’t fall short with putting her true spirit to the test and walked away with two victories and a sweet photo feature in the Palm Beach Post with her ‘head-turning’ maneuvers.

Photo Cred: Damon Higgins, Palm Beach Post

“To me heart for the sport means it is essential in your life like water or breathing. To spread the sport you are so passionate about is key the more girls that get into your sport the better. The more connections you get with other girls in the sport the more you will progress. Friendly competition is key always keep it friendly, you will be friends long after you're done competing with each other. They will remember how you treated them not who won or lost. What drives me is I want to see the world, this sport has made that possible for me. I have gone as far as Abu Dhabi so far. My husband is another thing that drives me, he is so confident in me and coaches me as much as he can, and as much as I let him.” - Dee Spencer

When Dee isn’t kicking butt in her competitions and grinding hard to learn some new tricks, she shares her passion for the sport with fellow girls in the Utah area at  She Shreds: Ladies Nights held at Flowrider Utah. During the 8-week program Dee along with the She Shreds Crew is helping local girls learn and improve their flowriding skills and techniques. Dee embodies what the She Shred Lifestyle is all about; challenging yourself and spreading the passion for board sports with others no matter what age. Which brings us to our next featured She Shredder.

Natalie Graham & Proving Age Is Just A Number

As the oldest She Shreds Ambassador, Natalie Graham acts and competes like she’s the youngest. Not only can you find her kicking butt wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing, but she does it against the guys too! Competing for over 5 years, Natalie has found the podium in every competition time, except ONCE! Taking the top spot in both the 2013 and 2014 WWA Wake Park Nationals in the Women’s Master Division, Nat doesn’t let her success slow her down and continues to challenge herself.

With one of the best positive attitudes among the SheShreds Ambassadors, Nat is still learning new board sports and pushing her limits. This year Nat is switching her board sport and is competing in wakeskating. Her main reason for the transition is to be a bit more easy on her knees. Wakeskating doesn’t constrict her knees like wakeboarding and will help extend her shelf life as a competitor. At the young age of 40, Nat continues to push her limits and is constantly trying new things. Her passion for board sports reflects in the awesome passion she shares with those around her.

“What drives me to compete is the passion to keep progressing. I don't want to simply accept what I can currently do, but to see what other tricks are available to work on next. Sure, there are videos out there - but there's nothing like seeing one of your peers execute a trick well.  Most riders/competitors want to share what techniques work for them. I love the camaraderie and friendships I've made as a result of competing!” - Nat Graham

Recently Nat gave us some of her tips on how she keeps her body in tip-top shape for those competitions and to keep up with the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She is even learning to skateboard this year and continues to be a natural leader to the She Shreds Ambassadors with her constant support and motivation. She is what it means to embrace the shredding lifestyle and show why girls can kick just as much butt at any age.

Whatever You Do, Do It 110%

Whether you ride snow, water, concrete or pavement get out there and challenge yourself. If you are a snowboarder, maybe you can find a place to learn to flowboard this summer. Or if you are a skateboarder you can learn to wakesurf. Wakesurfing has become a growing sport because of the low level of difficulty for any age. It is much easier on the body and virtually saved the towable boat industry. So grab some family members and try it out today!

Looking to get started with a new sport? Why not try your hand in longboarding? Check out the Custom SheShreds longboards that you can get hooked up with! Or if you are looking to ride the water in style like Dee and Nat, be sure to check out the all new Long Sleeve Rash Guard to leave you with protection from the sun on those long days and keep you riding all day long.

Whatever you do, always give 110% every time and leave it all out there. The SheShreds Crew is here to support you with motivation and passion. Shred On Sisters!

Author: Ambassador, Virginia Buechel   Follow her on Twitter to see what else she has to say about shredding! @BueWho

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