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Fitness Tips & Schedule for Summer Board Sports with Pro Athlete Dee Spencer

by Gina Duffy on April 13, 2016

By Ambassador, Joanna Brashear

Spring has finally arrived and summer boarding season is here and that means fitness tips! At we are super stoked to be having a Monthly Flowrider Event with Dee Daniels Spencer, who is the World Champion of Flowboarding.

Dee shares with us her workout routine to get in shape for summer riding and shows us through videos how to accomplish this.  In the following videos we will explore how to work out the three main target areas; legs, arms, and your core. If you spend just a little bit of time each day on the target areas you will build muscle coordination that is essential for board sports and can also help protect you from pulling muscles and sitting on the sidelines. 

We also have an array of workout essentials that you can pick up online to look stylish and give you an extra boost when hitting the gym or even just working out at home.

Remember to start with smaller weights and work your way up to prevent injury or muscle fatigue, and always keep hydrated to ensure  your muscles  don't cramp up during or after workouts.

Check out Dee Spencer's Summer Fitness Tips & Schedule:


- All front muscles

  •     Quads
  •     Biceps
  •     Core
  •     Chest
  •     Front of Shoulders


    - Cardio or Crossfit


    - All Back Muscles

    •    Calves
    •    Glutes
    •    Hamstrings
    •    Lower and Upper Back
    •    Triceps
    •    Rear Delts


       - Heavy weight day

      •    Very little reps
      •    Heavy weight
      •    Switch between muscle groups weekly

        Friday: Yoga and Core

        Saturday: Treadmill Intervals and Core

        If your looking to pick up some new summer workout gear than check out these workout essentials below.

        Fitbit Charge

        The Fitbit Charge is something you should consider if you love seeing your progress on screen. This fitness watch monitors sleep and tracks steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, and calories consumed and burned. It also has caller ID so you can keep working out when those annoying telemarketers ring.

        Alo Yoga Goddess Ribbed Pants

        These Alo Yoga Pants are a great addition to your closet, they combine fashion and function to keep you comfy and dry while working hard in the gym.

        Lucy Get Going Pant

        Some days I just don't feel like wearing leggings, yoga pants or shorts to the gym. This is when these come in handy. The Lucy Get Going pants are slightly stretchy and have wicking fabric to keep you dry.

        JayBird Wireless Headphones

        Jaybird Wireless Headphones are pretty much the best invention yet. When working out you somehow end up pulling your headphones out of your ears, and that is just annoying! These are rechargeable and connect to your phone allowing you to listen to music without the hassle of cords.

        Essentials to keep you moving in comfort and style:

        SheShreds Custom Supply Baseball Tee

        Hurley Staple Dri-Fit Tank

        Hurley Dri Fit Compression Shorts

        Roxy Spike Shorts


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