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6 Ways Dads Impacted Our Shred Style

by Virginia Buechel on June 17, 2015

With the summer months here and the abundant sunshine-filled shredding days on the horizon, we wanted to share the family shredding love for Father’s Day. With all of the girl power here at SheShreds, we wanted to ask our ambassadors and athletes how their dads have influenced their shredding lives. Below we catch up with some SheShred girls and hear about sharing some shredding love with their dads.

6 Ways Our Dads Influenced Our Shred Style

How has your dad been influential in your shredding lifestyle?

Ambassador Jenna Malcolm: "My dad is actually the person who got me into wakeboarding & taught me how, so I owe it all to him that I fell in love with this sport!"

Ambassador Natalie Graham: “My dad passed away in 1992, so he didn't necessarily know me as a "shredder". He did know me as an active kid as I was into softball, band, lacrosse, and recreational watersports - back then we waterskied or rode the disk. Anyone besides me and Amber Wing remember the disk? I've always included God in my riding/competing. I've never been a believer or praying to the saints or anything like that, however, this year my siblings felt a great presence in their lives and I decided to ask my dad if he was there to help me get through this season, too. Coincidentally, I have been a less-nervous competitor when compared to seasons past, my knee has been super cooperative during competitions, and I have been able to keep my mind clear and focused! My dad had a dream to be a Professional Baseball Umpire and he never fulfilled that dream. I, too, have a dream...And I've only told a handful of people...but the cat's out of the bag as I write this...I would like to compete as a pro in at least one event in my lifetime - partly for myself and partly to be an extension of my dad. Sure, it's a different sport and different capacity; but it pays respect in a very unique way.” (Photo Above: Natalie Graham's dad Dave with his softball "Golden Glove" award)

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “My dad is has been very influential in my shredding lifestyle. He's taught me everything I know; from snowboarding to wakeboarding to wakesurfing, and all of the tricks in between. He's my coach and one of my biggest influences, and I value his opinions on my riding a lot.”

Athlete Dee Spencer: “My dad has influenced me the most in my life. Shortly after he taught me how to walk, he taught me how to ski. The boots back then weren't even made that small so they had to stuff 3 pairs of socks in the boots just to where I could ski. He got me addicted to speeding down a powdery slope even before I could walk, he would put me in a baby carrying back pack and go on runs with me almost the entire winter long. Every time he would stop to take a break I would cry till we were on a run again. Skiing all through to my teens he helped me pick out my first snowboard and ever since I was addicted to going down a hill sideways. He has been my photographer and my coach for skiing.”

Ambassador Piper Harris: “He supports me and makes sure I have fun and make sure I have everything I need.”

Ambassador Virginia Buechel: "My dad got me on skis when I was 2 years old. When I was 7 years old he allowed me to try snowboarding to see if I would like it. After 18 seasons on a board, I'm grateful for him giving me that chance to try to ride sideways. I'm still holding strong as the only snowboarder in my family."

If your dad taught you to shred, what was the best tip he ever gave you?

Ambassador Jenna Malcolm: "He taught me you can't end the day on a fall or it will get in your head. Even if you just get back up & throw a wake to wake to end the day, just don't end on a fall." (Photo Right: Jenna Malcolm with her dad on the water)

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “While teaching me to do all of these different board sports, the best tip I've gotten from him is to make sure you're always having fun. If you aren't having fun you're definitely not open to learning as much, and probably aren't going to excel in that sport.”

Athlete Dee Spencer: “The best thing my dad has ever taught me was to always have fun first then worry about the competition. If you’re not having fun it isn't worth competing.”

Ambassador Piper Harris: “He didn't teach me but he does give me tips. The best one is to have the most fun!”

Ambassador Virginia Buechel: "My dad was always a skier so the best tip he gave me was to never put yourself on a trail that you don't feel comfortable on. If it doesn't feel right then it isn't. He always stressed safety to me growing up on the slopes and continues to stress wearing a helmet."

Be honest, who's the better shredder you or your dad?

Ambassador Jenna Malcom: "He's definitely a better skier, barefooter, & wake surfer than me! But I think I may have him beat in wakeboarding...don't tell him I said that though! Haha!"

Ambassador Natalie Graham: “He was a good athlete, so he probably would have been better.”

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “This question is totally debatable, depending on who you ask and what sport you're talking. My dad definitely has me beat snowboarding and wakeboarding, but wakesurfing is where the debate begins. There's parts of wakesurfing that he's better at, but my airs are way bigger than his.” (Photo Right: Frankie Jost's dad going big!)

Ambassador Piper Harris: “Me.”

What is the best memory you have with your dad while shredding? This can be either a funny story, a special place, or experience.

Ambassador Natalie Graham: “I don't have a shredding story here, But I have a softball on that is pretty funny. I was about 12 years old and was a catcher and I was trying to tag the runner out. The runner collided into me and I hit my head on home plate. After a few seconds, I began to cry and my dad rushed over and said "How many fingers do you see?" I responded with the correct number. His response was "Good - Get your A$$ back up and play ball!" And I did.“

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “The best memory I have shredding with my dad is surfing almost everyday with him in Barbados for the four months we were there. We surfed tons of different breaks and had lots of fun learning new tricks together.”

Athlete Dee Spencer: “My dad is a very good skier, he helped with both the downhill olympics and the Paralympics when they were in Utah. He is a much better skier than me. Best story: When I was younger my parents would never let me skip school at all. One day it had snowed 2 feet, I was getting ready for school when my dad came in my room and said hey you're sick today lets go up to Powder. I don't think I have ever gotten ready faster. (Photo Right: Dee Spencer with her Dad at her wedding)

Ambassador Piper Harris: “I like riding doubles with my dad because we spray each other.”

Ambassador Virginia Buechel: "The best story I have was when I was younger my dad used to video record my brother and I on the slopes. Back in the day we didn't have fancy, convenient GoPros, so he was using a cassette video recorder which was kinda bulky. One day while he was recording my older brother stopped at the top of a trail. And me, trying to be fancy and get some payback, tried to 'spray' him with snow by stopping short. And my 9-year-old self wasn't quite good at it yet and landed up barreling into my brother and took him out. Instead of him being hurt, I was crying and throwing a tantrum like it was somehow his fault. Oh, and my dad got it all on video."

What super power (best quality) does your dad have that you can't live without?

Ambassador Natalie Graham: “He was a mega-motivator! For everyone...and I mean...everyone.”

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “My dad's best qualities are connecting with people and having enough patience to share with everyone. I think that these qualities are what make him such a good coach and someone to look up to.”

Athlete Dee Spencer: “My dads super power is he can fix anything. He built his own house in the valley with his own two hands so I wouldn't be able to deal with my house without him. He helps me with anything I need.”

Ambassador Piper Harris: “He doesn't give up on me.”

Ambassador Virginia Buechel: "He has a constant desire to learn things. So when I tell him about new projects I'm working on he is always interested in hearing about them." (Photo right: Virginia Buechel's dad styling in Vermont)

What is your earliest memory of shredding with your dad or in front of your dad (competition)?

Ambassador Jenna Malcolm: "The first competition I ever competed in I placed 8th, but he was still so excited for me that I even competed even though I was basically dead last!”

Ambassador Natalie Graham: “I can remember waterskiing behind the boat and my dad was the driver or observer.”

Ambassador Frankie Jost: “The earliest memory I have shredding with my dad is from back when I was about 3-4 and still learning to snowboard. My dad had a harness that connected me to him, and we'd go down the hills together. The pictures make it look like I'm on a  leash and they're really fun to look at.”

Athlete Dee Spencer: “My first experience with competing in front of my dad didn't go too well. I had been competition snowboarding for 3 years before he came up to film me. I had been doing back flips on my snowboard for 2 years clean without any falters. When my dad came to film me they had built up the lip on the jump without me knowing so when I did my back flip I had over rotated and fell on my back and neck. I had spent the next 5 minutes trying to catch the wind that had been knocked out of me. He was so scared to see any of my competitions after that.”

Ambassador Piper Harris: “The first time I went off a kicker and he was there cheering for me and was proud of me.”

It’s great to hear how they have helped shape our SheShredders lives and we are wishing all those fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. We also remember all those father and grandfathers that are no longer with us. Thanks to all of our ambassadors and athletes for sharing their fathers and stories with us.

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