Summer 2016 Crew Edit

August 13, 2016 1 Comment Summer 2016 Crew Edit

Every time we put together a crew edit, we can't help but feel honored to work with such an amazing and diverse group of girls.  This edit celebrates many of our crew's favorites from Spring and Summer of 2016, showcasing the regional diversity and unique sports our ambassadors participate in, including skateboaring, longboarding, flowboarding, surfing, paragliding, mountain biking, rodeo and more!

Featuring pro team athlete and world champion flowboarder Denise Daniels, plus:

Team athlete Liv Hetzel


Hanna Koloszyc
Cacia Lewis
Marnie Millington
Billie Gamble
Charmie Martin
Emma Scoles
Caitlin Burns
Erin Sands
Heather Darrin
Piper Harris
Rae Powis
Riley Rivera
Ricki Dzuba
Rosanne Steeneken
Hayley Steed
Ellie and Alexie Patrick
Christelle, Emma and Sophie Rodas
Jade Cator
Marcel Sanchez
Kitty Egelman
Kira Holm
Lisa Ehm
Marisol Carillo
Natalie Graham
Petra Viznerova
Kayla Findish
Ava Cook
Laura Corrigan
Katie Hines

Edit by: Ambassador Abigail Berg

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August 15, 2016

LOVE IT you go girls!

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