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6 Shred-Inspired Summer Playlists for 2015

by Virginia Buechel on June 25, 2015

Summer solstice should be a mini-holiday that the Shredding World should be required to be celebrated. With the summer kicking off, the SheShreds Crew is excited to bring in the sunshine, shred sessions, and great memories. To help you make some memorable moments come to life this summer, the girls of SheShreds have put together some great music playlists to help you conquer the summer of 2015.

SheShreds Summer Playlist for Board Sports

With shred-inspiration, along with other summer activities we have hours of playlists put together on the Spotify profile. With everything from country to pop to electric to classic rock there is something for everyone. We put together 6 playlists that are guaranteed to make your summer more shred-ready.

Summer Shredding Playlist

With shredding on our minds (duh!) we had to get some of our favorite jams together that help us get pumped and stoked to get out and start shredding this summer. Whether you are cruising the concrete on your longboard or slashing the waves on your board, there is plenty of good pump up songs to get you through your shred session. See some of the songs below and click to follow the Summer Shredding Playlist.

SheShreds Team Jersey

Summer Shredding Necessity: Whether you’re hitting the water or the concrete this summer on your board, we suggest rocking out with this SheShreds Crew favorite, Short Sleeve Team Jersey. It dries quickly and keeps you cool, which keep you moving. Also don’t forget to bring your SheShreds Long Sleeve Rash Guard along for those “go hard or go home” days.


Summer Party Playlist

After a long day of shredding you deserve to get your party on! Whether you’re getting ready to go hit the nightlife scene or you’re hosting a house party of your own, these tunes will get your feet moving and the beat bumping. These songs are some of the favorite from our shredding girls and are definitely some hot tunes this summer.

Summer Party Fashion Necessity: Stay stylish and comfortable at this summer’s party with the S Logo Drapey Tee. Look stylish but feel comfy with this summer favorite.

BBQ & Buds Playlist

During the summer months, it’s doesn’t quite feel right until you’ve turned on grill and turned up the tunes. With the SheShreds BBQ & Buds playlist, there are some classic songs that everyone will love when their throwing around some horseshoes and biting into that juicy cheeseburger. With some rock, country, and current songs, this playlist is sure to be a favorite, second to that awesome set of BBQ ribs.

BBQ Fashion Advice: Stay stylish and cool with our Live Free Muscle Tee. Whether you’re looking to hangout by the drinks or get active with a game of bean bag toss, this tank will move with you wherever you go.

Pre-Concert Playlist

Summer months are a perfect time to hit the road and travel with some friends to go see your favorite new band or the hottest artist of the year on stage. The SheShreds crew put together some of the best and most popular songs and artists that the 2015 summer concert scenes will bring you. Bring this playlist along to help you get hyped for that concert of the year.

Our Concert Fashion Advice: Rock out with this awesome S Logo Snapback hat. You can rock it in the front for some shade at a beach concert or rock it backwards while you’re rocking with the beat.

Beach-Going Playlist

Whether you are going to the beach on the left or right coasts, or heading to your local lake for some pre- or post-shredding hangout time, this beach-ready playlist for summer 2015 is perfect to get you in the mood to chill and soak up some rays. With some mellow moods and calming tunes, this playlist is sure to be a favorite when you’re soaking up the sun.

Our Beach Going Must-Haves: But don’t forget the sunscreen to protect yourself or floating sunglasses to shade your eyes. Also be sure to stay hydrated on those hot beach days with a SheShreds Water Bottle.

Fireside Hangouts Playlist

Nothing says summer nights better than lighting up a few logs and making s’mores over the fire. We love the time of night when the SheShreds crew gathers around for some laughs and fun stories around the fire. These songs will help you chill out with some upbeat tunes to keep you moving to the beat throughout the night.

Fireside Hangout Fashion Advice: We all know those bugs love to eat us alive when the sun goes down, so to help keep you bug free and warm when those temps drop, we suggest the S Logo Terry Pullover. It’s perfect for summer nights with it’s light-weight design.

During 2015, the SheShreds Crew encourages you to get out there and find your adventure. Whatever you choose to do, have great tunes to come along for the ride. Follow SheShredsCo on Spotify to get the most updated tracks we add throughout the summer.

Want to add to our Summer 2015 Playlists? Post your songs on our Facebook or tweet us!

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