SheShreds Picks: Best Winter Resorts in 2015-2016 - Part One

SheShreds Picks: Best Winter Resorts in 2015-2016 - Part One

The SheShreds Crew is stoked for the winter season and to celebrate our excitement we wanted to bring you some of our favorite winter resort picks from our athletes and ambassadors.

Best Resorts for Women Snowboarders & Skiers

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DIY SheShreds Pumpkin for Halloween

Get crazy with your pumpkin carving this Halloween and use the new SheShreds Logo as your inspiration!

SheShreds DIY Pumpkin

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Guide For Women's Snowboarding Boots & Bindings

The SheShreds Team wants to ensure you have the right gear for your snowboarding adventures this winter. We have the right guide for buying your snowboard boots & bindings heading into the winter season.

Women's Guide for Snowboard Boots & Bindings

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DIY: SheShreds No-Sew Tote Bag

When you are searching for a bag to stuff your goodies and essentials when you're heading out the door, we have the solution for you!

SheShreds DIY Tote T-Shirt Bag

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The Best Outerwear - How to Pick a Jacket for Snowboarding or Skiing

So you are ready to try snowboarding or skiing this winter or you are a well-seasoned rider looking for new apparel and outerwear. Maybe you have a snow trip planned that requires some new threads to keep you extra warm in the cold or you are expecting some wet conditions in your region this winter.

Women Winter Outerwear Guide

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Beginner Snowboarding: To Rent or To Buy

Whether you’re trying snowboarding for the first time, or determined to take what you learned in those lessons last year to the next level the SheShreds Crew welcomes you! But before you start throwing down big air and riding the rails, it's important to know what to expect.

Beginner Snowboarder

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8 Camping Essentials You Don't Want To Leave Behind

If you've already picked your place to adventure to this summer, we have some of the essentials you will need to get your through your camping trip. With some of the best products chosen by our very own ambassadors and team, these items are great to check out.

Camping Must-Haves for The Summer

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No Shredding? No Problem! - Top Places To Camp This Summer

School’s out, the sun is shining, and mother nature is calling. The summer time is a great time of the year to get out on an adventure and camp. The SheShreds Team always encourages our girls to connect with nature, use your freedom to escape everyday life, and have fun doing it.

mountain backpacking and camping

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6 Shred-Inspired Summer Playlists for 2015

Summer solstice should be a mini-holiday that the Shredding World should be required to be celebrated. With the summer kicking off, the SheShreds Crew is excited to bring in the sunshine, shred sessions, and great memories. To help you make some memorable moments come to life this summer, the girls of SheShreds have put together some great music playlists to help you conquer the summer of 2015.

SheShreds Summer Playlist for Board Sports

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Avoid Injury! Which Board Helmet is Right For You?

Boom. Boom. Clap. Either that’s the sound of a recent pop song or it’s your head knocking around while you're shredding. To prevent your noggin from getting a jogging, the SheShreds Team wants to ensure you get the best protection for your head during National Safety Month.

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Shred It & Edit: Video Editing Tips for Board Sports

We got a lot of love from She Shredders about our most recent feature: how to take great shredding photos to help score a board sport sponsor. And you asked us for more! So we’ve pulled together some primo tips on how to capture your next trick or jump on the go — and how to edit the  video effectively. Setting yourself up for the best angles, timing, and view is important if you are looking to reach out to potential board sponsors.

Video Tips for snowboarding

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Shred It & Edit: Capturing Your Photos

If you’re a female athlete or rider looking to capture the attention of a possible sponsor to help grow in your sport, the SheShreds Team is always ready to to extend a helping hand. Be sure to have the right setup and idea before approaching a sponsor.

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