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Avoid Injury! Which Board Helmet is Right For You?

by Virginia Buechel on June 04, 2015

Boom. Boom. Clap. Either that’s the sound of a recent pop song or it’s your head knocking around while you're shredding. To prevent your noggin from getting a jogging, the SheShreds Team wants to ensure you get the best protection for your head during National Safety Month.

Whether you are shredding the slopes, pavement, dirt, or water, one of your priorities should be to get the best protection for yourself to prevent injuries, so you can enjoy your shred. Whether you are shopping for your first helmet or you are in the mood to change up your noggin style, SheShreds and partners at Backcountry are here to help you find some great style and even safer helmets for all your shredding adventures.

Even Pros Know There’s A Risk

Whether you are a snowboarder, skateboarder, wakeboarder, or mountain biker, it is important to wear a helmet — and in some cases is required. At times, depending on the state you live in or the competition you are in, you may be required to wear a helmet at all times while shredding.

In an article written about head injuries rising in snowboarding and skiing, US Snowboarder Kelly Clark was quoted about the long lasting effects head injuries can have on those that do not think about their future when it it comes to protecting your noggin.

While the sport has progressed in its understanding and treatment of concussions, athletes and doctors spoke of an attitude of nonchalance toward the brain injury. With athletes in their teens and early 20s performing awe-inspiring tricks, a sense of invincibility is common.

“There is a youthful invincibility in this sport. That's part of what progresses it. That's part of what makes it great and exciting,” Kelly Clark. "I think for the longevity, the lasting impact, being mindful of that is what's gonna do it for you.” - via USA Today

If you need more convincing check out the documentary Crash Reel which documents pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce dealing with a severe head injury. Born from Kevin Pearce’s passion for protecting your noggin, the Love Your Brain Campaign was born to help prevent and educate the public on head trauma. It is important to know what your options are for getting your next helmet.

What Are My Options

When you are in the market for a helmet for a board sport, it’s important to shop with the right idea in mind. Yes, we all love to look stylish when shredding. But we also have to remember safety is the priority when it comes to protecting your head. Girl and women shredders alike should shop for helmets specifically fitted and designed for women.

Smith Vantage Helmet

Sport-Specific Helmet Options

Snowboarding/Skiing Helmet: When you are looking to buy a snowboarding helmet, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

  • Comfort - If you’re going to be shredding all day you don’t want your head to be pounding at the end from being uncomfortable.
  • Warmth - When you are ripping up the mountain in the middle of winter, you want to make sure your head stays warm. Also keep the option in mind in case you want vents you can open on your helmet if it gets too hot on spring days.
  • Audio/Bluetooth - Sometimes turning up the tunes while making turns is great. Some helmets offer drop-in audio speakers and bluetooth options to connect to your smartphone while on the go. *Remember to keep your volume at a realistic level so you can be aware of everything around you.*
  • Movement - Whether you are cruising through the woods or hitting the latest kicker, you want to make sure you don’t have to much movement in your helmet. It should not be moving back and forth or side to side on your head.

Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing/Wakeskating Helmet: While shopping for the best wake helmet some things you should keep in mind when shopping around is:

  • Comfort - Just like any other helmet, you want to feel comfortable when you put it on your head. Keep in mind there will be times that it gets wet and you want to make sure it still feels good on your head.
  • Ventilation - Some days on the water can be brutal and you want to be able to have some vents that can help better your flow, both on the water and on your head to cool you down.
  • Room for Hat? - Sometimes you may want to rock one the latest SheShreds Snapback hat while shredding. We have no problem with that — as long as the hat can safely fit under your helmet and provide a good fit!
She Shreds Snapback
    Longboarding/Skateboarding Helmet: There’s nothing harder than cracking your skull on concrete, so it’s the first thing you should invest in after you’ve bought your first longboard or skateboard. Some things to keep in mind when buying a helmet are similar to wakeboarding, however be sure to consider what you’ll be doing.

      If you are going to be participating in a longboard downhill race, it is in your best interest to use a full face mask helmet. Not only will it prevent those bugs from getting in your mouth, but it will also be helpful for wind resistance and any crashes you may have.

      Smith Mountain Bike HelmetMountain Bike Helmet: Whether you're climbing the cliffs or rushing down the forests, it’s important to have a bike helmet on. While we were kids it was “cool” not to wear one but, it’s not cool anymore when it’s your head we’re talking about. Similar to snowboarding and wakeboarding helmets you want to ensure your bike helmet fits well and can provide you the protection you need. Also you may want to think about having a full face mask to avoid getting slashed up by branches.

      Founder, Gina Duffy wears the Bern Brighton EPS for snowboarding, longboarding and mountain biking. It comes with a summer liner and you can purchase a heavier winter liner for snow season.

      When you are all finished shredding and it’s time to cool down or warm up, be sure to check out the hat collection from SheShreds for some great snapbacks and beanies during the different seasons.

      When you are shredding this month be sure keep your noggin on your mind and a helmet on your noggin. After all, you only get one head, so use it and be smart.

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