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No Shredding? No Problem! - Top Places To Camp This Summer

by Virginia Buechel on July 16, 2015
Summer Camping Destinations for Girls
School’s out, the sun is shining, and mother nature is calling. The summer time is a great time of the year to get out on an adventure and camp. The SheShreds Team always encourages our girls to connect with nature, use your freedom to escape everyday life, and have fun doing it. During the month of July, the SheShreds Team is focusing our theme on camping and creating your own adventure.

We love using camping as a way to connect with our surroundings and it’s a great way of staying shape with hikes and other activities. One of the great things about camping that we love is that it is inexpensive and you can usually camp in any area, no matter where you live. With some help from some of our ambassadors we’ve put together a helpful list of inspiring places you can go camping this summer.

River Adventures

river camping in the usa

If you live on the East Coast, the Delaware River is a very popular region for camping and other activities you can do while you’re exploring. With several campsites, log cabins, and other designated areas for hiking, rafting, and climbing, the Delaware Valley is a great place to check out. When you are camping near a river check if there is canoeing or rafting in the area to add some fun adventures to your trip.

Mountain Backpacking

mountain backpacking and camping

If you live near some mountainous areas, there are always some great options of finding local campsites and/or platforms for tents that you can utilize. When you are traveling into the mountains for your camping, just be aware that you may not get the best cell phone service, which in our opinion may not be such a bad idea. When you are traveling to the mountains to camp you may be able to look up some local trails and sites to see in the region like waterfalls or rock faces.

Desert Camping

desert camping in the usa

Many National Parks like in the western region of the US have great places and designated areas for you to pitch a tent and explore the surrounding areas. Some National Parks like Zion National Park has some significant trails that you can follow around the park with some wild sites and great places to settle in for the night. When you are traveling in the desert always remember that it gets very cold at night and you will want to pack extra water.

Beach Camping

Summer Beach Camping

Very popular on the west coast, Beach camping is a great way to explore the shore along the Pacific Coast. Some places on the east coast like, the Outer Banks in North Carolina offer some beach camp sites. If you are planning on traveling to a camp site at the beach check the local areas, they may have you set up camp behind dunes so you can be a bit protected from the Pacific winds. Be sure to have the proper equipment to prevent any windburn and problems.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you are choosing you place to camp this summer it is important to familiarize yourself with the area you will be traveling to. There are several things you want to think about and educate yourself with before you head out.

  • Access Roads - It is important to know where the nearest travelled road is so that in case of emergencies you can get there and reach out for help when needed.
  • Check the Weather - Before you head out to the area, be sure to check the local weather and especially what temperatures to expect at night so you can pack accordingly.
  • Learn The Terrain - When you are heading to a new area be sure to know what kind of elevation, trail conditions, and other characteristics of the area so you know what to expect.
  • Know The Laws/Rules - Some camping areas require you to only have fires in a designated fire pit or they allow you to make open ground fires. Knowing things like this are important to keep you and the environment safe.
  • Local Predators - We are not kidding when we say this, know what enemies may be lurking when you’re in the area. Whether you are in bear territory, cougars, mountain lions, and other large animals. It’s better to know rather than coming face to face with one.

See some of the SheShreds Ambassadors favorite spots that they’ve camped at recently and why you should go there:

"Panther Creek Falls in Georgia is a great place to hike and camp. On the way up there are little places to camp along the river and then at the end of the hike is a huge water fall and swimming hole!" - Ambassador Jenna Malcolm
“I like to camp anywhere I go for a skate trip. All the skaters love to camp every time. I am still new at this camping thing and learning as I go. Last week, I camped in Goldendale, Washington, beautiful area close to the river.” - Team Athlete Colleen Daugherty
“I just spent some time camping in Leadville, CO. Gorgeous!” - Ambassador Bo Roark
“I like to stay local and go to Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson, NJ. It is quiet and there are some great places to hike during the day and explore parts of the Appalachian Trail.” - Ambassador Virginia Buechel
"We love camping at the state parks along the Oregon Coast - the beaches can be a little chilly but the scenery is spectacular and there's plenty to do! My favorites include Cape Perpetua, South Beach State Park, and Sunset Bay!" - Kelly Vance SheShreds Social Media Manager

What are some of your favorite places to travel to go camping during the summer?

If you’ve never been camping we have some resources below you can use to find your local areas to try out.

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by century campers on March 16, 2016

Each campground receives its own three pages complete with a quick overview chart of the key information: contacts, address, facilities, camp fees, rules, and restrictions. Concise directions get you to the front gate and the GPS coordinates are also present.


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