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Tune & Tone for Board Season

by Virginia Buechel on April 14, 2015

Sun’s out, guns out!  Right … isn’t that how it goes?  Getting your sweat on is important this time of the year, especially with the summer board sport seasons are around the corner. Spring is in the air, which means us "she shredders” have to find a spring in our step.

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It takes a lot of motivation to get yourself up and out to start a new workout regimen but we have just the right type of motivation for you from our She Shreds Ambassadors themselves:

Jenna Malcolm - Wakeboarder - Atlanta, GA

"I do a lot of different kinds of workouts to keep it fresh, but my favorites are yoga & hula hooping! Yoga helps keep my legs & core strong, while also feeding my mind & soul. My favorite yoga pose is a headstand. I start by putting my head between my forearms on the ground & with my legs stretched out behind me, I then use my core to pull my legs over my head & practice multiple variations! Yoga makes me feel very in control of my body & very confident."
Check Jenna out on Instagram & Twitter: @jennaaleida

Colleen Daugherty - Longboarder - Texas

"Our season in Texas is year round and dont really have an off season. I don't have a specific work out for longboarding. I workout my legs way more then my upper body when I do my normal workouts. I do, however, practice holding my "tuck" for time; this is the position you are racing in and need to be able to hold for up to 4 minutes for certain races. I practice holding tuck on my longboard that way it will lean when I lean, this builds up the muscles more to simulate small turns. I also do this in switch (opposite foot first) to build up my back leg too. Trust me, your legs will be on FIRE after a few minutes."

Check out Colleen’s skateboard blog here.

Natalie Graham - Wakeboarder - Arizona

"My workout routine is maybe a little different than the other girls. I focus more on muscle balance and injury prevention versus brute strength! I am currently 40 years old (and proud of it!) and so my routine is as follows:

  • Strong knees routine about 4x per week
  • Yoga 4-5x per week
  • Weight lifting 2x per week
  • In-home "wake gym" 4-5x per week. I use a balance board and a dog dish to work on spin tricks. The wakeboard rope is tied to my exercise bike to reinforce working on the handle pass.
It's a crazy routine, but it works for me!"

Marlijn Vorstenbosch - Wakeboarder - Netherlands

When the wakeboard season is over I try to go to the gym 2 times a week and I will go for a run once a week. In the gym I will do some cardio training, work on my legs, and balance. I see a lot of wakeboarders with knee braces and I have also heard that a lot of riders have (had) knee injuries. I need my knees the rest of my life and I don't want to get injured so I never skip leg day!

Some of the leg exercises I am doing regularly include:

  • Walking lunges
  • Lunges on a bosu to train my legs, ankles and balance
  • Squats
  • Squats on a bosu
  • Leg extension

I also think it is important to have strong core for balance so I also have some exercises for getting stronger:

  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Superman
  • Crunches
  • Push ups

I wish that there was something to prepare my hands…for me the worst thing of the first rides of the season are the blisters on my hands (riding with gloves is not cool enough ;))

Piper Harris - Wakeboarder - Florida

I try to do as many pull-ups and push-ups as I can, until I can’t do anymore! 

Frankie Jost - Wakesurfer - Minnesota

My workout routine to get ready for the wakesurfing season in Minnesota is to eat well, drink lots of water, run, and do some cardio (sit-ups, v-sits, etc.)  

Remember if you need help getting a new workout routine together be sure to tweet us @SheShredsCo or post on our Facebook Page. Want to show off your workout routines? Post something and tag it with #ShredOnSisters and #SheShredsSweating!

Author: Ambassador, Virginia Buechel   Follow her on Twitter to see what else she has to say about shredding! @BueWho


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