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4 Must-Have Looks For Shredding This Summer

July 01, 2015

The Summer is here and that means grabbing the latest looks that make you feel good and make you look good. SheShreds Ambassador Mel B. and Founder Gina Duffy recently put together a style guide for some of our looks for the SheShreds Summer 2015 Line. Below you can see some mixes and matches that can get you through any fun event and day this summer.

SheShreds Summer Styles for 2015

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6 Shred-Inspired Summer Playlists for 2015

June 24, 2015

Summer solstice should be a mini-holiday that the Shredding World should be required to be celebrated. With the summer kicking off, the SheShreds Crew is excited to bring in the sunshine, shred sessions, and great memories. To help you make some memorable moments come to life this summer, the girls of SheShreds have put together some great music playlists to help you conquer the summer of 2015.

SheShreds Summer Playlist for Board Sports

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