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10 Groms Who Will Make You Want Mini Shredders of Your Own

by Kelly Vance on June 14, 2018

Parenting is a lot of work, but the reward often pays off, especially when your tiny person embraces your hobbies and passions wholeheartedly.  These grom ambassadors are cuteness overload, and with lots of help from stellar parents, they show the world that little girls don't need to fit into any kind of stereotypical girl role. 

Sophie and Emma Rodas

From snowboarding to mountain biking, hiking, and more these little girls live a life of adventure in beautiful Colorado. 

Vasilisa Ermakova

This Russian mini grom kills it on her snowboard and skateboard!   If she's this good at age four, we can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the next few years! 

Ava and  Kaeleigh Cook

Another set of sisters who shred - these girls have been with SheShreds for nearly 3 years, starting when they were just little groms.  Watching them grow and progress as shredders, and develop their own unique talents and passions has shown us the power of perseverance and hard work!

Callee Huntley

This mini grom goes for it, and loves to progress and learn new things, especially snowboarding and skateboarding!  

Kaydence Burke

This grom snowboarder and mountain biker always impresses us with her huge smiles and great attitude!  She loves to snowboard and mountain bike with her dad - parenting win for sure!

Kinley Nicholson

From hiking for powder turns to jumps in the terrain park, this little shredder will follow her dad through any adventure!  

Janie Hensley

Proving that girls who grow up behind the boat can shred the wake like no other, ambassador Janie Hensley loves to wakesurf!  This grom is going places. 

 Sophie Geohagen

Even though her gear sometimes looks bigger than her, this little wakeboarder can rip!  Can't wait to watch her progress this summer! 


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