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Kaydence Burke, Snowboarder (NS)

by Joanna Brashear on May 26, 2017

Kaydence Burke - Snowboarder (NS)


Your Age: 7

Your Location (where do you ride mostly): Truro, Nova Scotia

Weapon(s) of choice: Ride Blush 110cm

What’s an average day for you like? I get up and go to school, play with my friends and on the weekends I get to go snowboarding. In the summer I like to ride my bike

What is the most difficult part of your activity/sports for a beginner? Learning to do trick and jumps. I find it easiest to do turns and go down the hill.

What is the best and worst thing about being female in your sport? Not many girls my age who snowboard where I do.

What would you like to see change in your sport to make it better for you and other female athletes? I'd just like to see more girls try it to see if they like it or not.

Besides your ability and style factor as an athlete, how would you describe your personal style? Sporty, casual

What are your favorite brands/designers for your sports apparel and for stepping out? SheShreds, Burton clothing

How dangerous do you really think it is compared to what people do in their regular activities? Not much more dangerous if you have the proper lessons to learn.

What usually gets people hooked on your activity/sport? Being able to go fast down the hill.

What is your favorite trick? Going across the box rails.

Do you own any other toys? Mountain Bike, BMX bike, trampoline

What gets you pumped up for the day? Thinking about going to the hill and learning new tricks, getting better.

What are three things you could not live without? Snowboarding, bike riding & art

What are your expectations for this activity/sport? Have a lot of fun, get really good at it and enjoy an awesome winter sport.

Who have been your biggest supporters in getting you to where you are now? My mom and dad

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not riding/shooting/competing? School, friends, family, outdoors

What is your biggest goal to accomplish this/next season? Learn how to ride park

What’s your favorite “way” to ride? All mountain

Favorite conditions? Powder snow

Where would be your biggest dream place to ride and why? Out west to the mountains

What turned you on to your sport? My dad

Any new moves you’re working on? Jumps and rails

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done in your sport? Going down a black diamond trail.

What other extreme/action sports are you into? Mountain biking

If extreme/action sports didn’t exist, what would you be doing with all the free time you’d have? Art, outdoors, friends, family, etc..

What’s your favorite board/bike/sled to ride and why? My new ride Blush

What’s the trick to riding and not hurting yourself? Practise!

How would you describe your style? Loose and casual

Favorite drink of choice to refresh yourself after a long day of riding? hot chocolate

What do you want to be when you "grow up"? Professional snowboarder, or veterinarian

Any of your own web pages or social media buttons you want links to? Instagram: @cdnjeepin / Facebook: @chickletsnowboarder



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