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Celebrating International Women's Day

by Alex Parsons on March 07, 2019

Every year on March 8, women across the world come together to celebrate International Women's Day, bringing issues of women's rights around the globe to the forefront of the media & social media . This year's theme is  #BalanceforBetter,raising awareness for gender balance. 

We asked our ambassadors to share their stories of building balance in their sports.  No matter how different the stories our ambassadors have are, one common thread we've heard is that they all encourage women to step outside their comfort zones, and learn to not always care if they're the only girl.  In order to make a lasting change, we all need to take that first scary step, and to encourage all of our friends to join us!


Lainey Severson, Autocross
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I know in my race region, we don't have a ton of ladies who race compared to the men, but everyone is insanely supportive of whomever wants to come and play with cars. A lot fo the ladies are insanely fast and make top 10 PAX time for the event, which is cool to see since we are under represented. 

I'd love to see more of us out there. I had one guy tell me he started racing because his daughter wanted to try. Day of, she freaked out, thinking she'd be the only woman there and didn't come try it. It's been a year and she still has yet to race with us, even though her dad has really encouraged her to come out. He was THRILLED to see the number of women there during his first race, and even more so when he saw me because his daughter is about three years younger than me. Maybe this year we can convince her we're not a scary group!


Kelsey Rose, Snowboarding
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Sometimes it can be tough to find girls at your level to ride with, and women feel reluctant to try something new cause they are afraid of making mistakes. As Head Coach of the Showcase Women’s Snowboard Camps in Whistler, I get to share my love of snowboarding with other women, and show them that no matter how often you ride or whatever your goals might be, there is a place for everyone in this sport. You can improve and have fun every day you are on the mountain, you are only held back by the limitations you place on yourself. I like seeing the confidence boost women get through sports. It’s so great to see the impact that has on their riding, and also their attitude and outlook on life.

Marcel Sanchez, Longboarding
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Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Marcel always liked board sports and the lifestyle that went with them, but her parents would never get her a skateboard, stating, "Girls don't play with skates". Marcel complied with her parents wish until she was fourteen and was able to save her own money to purchase her first skateboard, and has been an advocate for getting more girls in her country involved in skateboarding ever since.

Veronica LeClair, Motocross
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Being a female in the motocross industry is a challenge all on its own, but always having to hear that girls shouldn’t be allowed on a bike or that I wont be able to do my own mechanic work or that I just plain don’t belong just makes me want to push harder.  I can show them that I do belong and that I can do it and that even though I am a girl, I can ride with the guys!

Valerie Vitousova, Downhill Longboarding
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I just do what I like and don’t care if I’m female in boy sport. I’ve always chosen sports where I was one of few girls (sometimes the only one), so I don’t see that as an obstacle anymore. And I don’t care either if I’m compared to boys. I just do what I like, give my best effort and have a good time. If someone wants to compare me or judge, it’s his/her issue, not mine.

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