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Valérie Kindlová- Longboarder (CZE)

by Kelly Vance on April 25, 2020



Ambassador Since: 2017
Location: Czech republic
Sport(s): longboarding, roller skating, figure skating, yoga
Instagram Handle: @vallery_v

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

My feelings about this have grown stronger over time. SheShreds girls are like my sisters. We are an amazing group of girls with the same life approach, priorities and loves. It’s a group of girls I trust with all my heart. I can share my joys or worries with them. Support, help and love, that’s what we get every day!

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport? 

There are still not so many girls in downhill longboarding, even though the number has been growing. However, the bond among the girls in donwhill longboarding is very tight. Together, we work to change things and show the other girls this sport is open for more girls, and that it isn’t only a men's sport for adrenaline junkies.

At the same time, I have never cared about being the girl in skateboarding. I do what I like and I don’t care if I’m a girl in the boy's sport. I’ve always chosen sports where I was one of the few girls (sometimes the only one), so I don’t feel pressured by such obstacles anymore. I just do what I like, give my best effort and have a good time. If someone wants to compare me or judge me, it’s his/her issue, not mine.

How do you inspire others as a Gold Ambassador? 

I want to show there are no limits. Shredding is not a matter of age, results or level. It’s about being happy and feeling alive. It’s about moments, making memories, meeting new friends. There are many limits you create in your head which can hold you back. It can be the feeling you’re too old for the sport, the fear you don’t have what it takes or you can’t fulfill your expectations. And doubting yourself and your skills is very easy. I want to show to the others that these doubts have no point. The only thing that matters is the joy the sport is giving you. 

What are your goals in your sport?  

My ultimate goal is to skate as long as possible. I want to progress more, keep learning new things and focus on what I said above. I want to focus on the quality of my time on my board and share my knowledge further. I’d like to show everyone it’s not a matter of age, results or talent. It’s a matter of yourself and your feelings.

Where is the most unusual place you have done your sport?

If I have to choose one for longboarding, it was in the closed huge tunnel under the city. The tunnel is pretty steep so we had a very nice downhill session there! With yoga, it was at the airport waiting for my flight. I unfolded my mat directly in the hall and while watching planes I had one of the best self practices I’ve done so far!

What has been your most memorable moment so far? 

Wow, there have been many memorable and strong moments, giving me happiness, sorrow, fear or strength. But the most memorable one came very recently at World Roller Games 2019. Before leaving to the WRG I got scared. It wasn’t because of fear of a bad result, but because of fear of my skills. I hadn’t skated much this season and I didn’t trust myself at all, felt completely paralyzed with fear, couldn’t sleep nights before, and found myself almost crying before the first freeride.

I have never doubted myself and my skating skills more ever before. There wasn’t any clear reason, there was just fear. So I was struggling the first two days of the event. I couldn’t tuck or push properly.  It took me all of the freerides, until the very last one. Then it came back like a strike of lightning! One of my skating friends was standing behind the fence, cheering and laughing at me. And that was the moment when I realised why I do this, why I love it so much. It all clicked together and I was suddenly broadly smiling too and flying down in full tuck enjoying every single metre of the track. No other run topped this feeling, not even the race. This has been the most memorable moment for me - overcoming my fear, finding myself and my joy again.

Favorite thing about SheShreds products?

Simply everything. I love the unique and cool stylish they’re but yet fully functional. I can wear them for shredding and also in my free time. It’s so comfy and well made. Very often m friends ask me where I got that piece of clothes and I’m very proud to answer that’s the SheShreds gear.



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