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What Can You Do To Make the World a Better Place For Girls?

by Kelly Vance on October 11, 2017

The United Nations has declared October 11 International Day of the Girl, we just love the message behind this day.   From body positivity to equal opportunities to social justice, girls are coming together from around the world to support each other in the causes that matter to them, and we wanted to share how YOU can help! 

Check out this list of things that you can do in your everyday life that support the lives of girls all around the world! 

1. Get Involved and Share Your Passion

Finding a way to get involved with girls who need your help that brings together community service with your passions and skills is an incredible way to feel great about giving back. has tons of ideas focused on the International Day of the Girl, including donating your time, artwork, writing skills, and more! 

Chill Foundation - several of our ambassadors volunteer for this incredible organization that gives inner city kids opportunities that they may not otherwise have.  You can share your skill for snowboarding while helping girls build confidence and learn that they can conquer anything! 

Ambassador Virgina Buechel volunteering with the Chill Foundation

The Bangladesh Surfer Girls are a great example of girls who use action sports to fight stereotypes and restrictive traditional roles for women - there are small groups like this all over the world, and they need your support.  Anything from gear donations to small financial assistance can have a massive impact on the life of a girl. Skateistan is another organization with similar goals and outreach! 

2. Spend Thoughtfully

Do your research when shopping and select brands that use positive messages and imagery for girls in their marketing and media, support girls in their philanthropy, and value girls in any number of other ways! 


For example, if you shop at (wink wink), you can be assured that your purchase is going towards girl-positive movements, from our extensive community supporting athletes, to our philanthropic efforts which include everything from expanding women's podium prizes at events, to scholarships for women in business education! 

Some simple googling can give you a list of other companies that give back to girls and women, but some that we love are: 

Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word - this girl-focused brand is founded by one of the original female pro skateboarders, Cindy Whitehead, with an eye towards empowering girls across the skateboarding world.  Their blog and social media include a concerted effort to give press to women's and girls competitive skateboarding at all levels, and we love that! 

Smith Optics is a brand that we're proud to partner with, appreciating their attention to female athletes in their product line, media, and the events they sponsor.  We're stoked to have their generous support in our Ladies Night series of events, and we have been impressed to see all of the other projects they're involved with that support women! 

She Jumps is a nonprofit geared towards women in the outdoors that includes youth programs designed to empower girls and build self-confidence. 

3. Support Women and Girls in Sports

From sponsorship to event placement, women and girls are fighting for equal treatment as athletes, but there are some very simple steps that you can take that help ladies reach their goals! 

- Follow athletes on social media! So much of an athlete's marketability in today's world is based on social media reach and engagement, so make sure you're following tons of female athletes on your instagram, facebook, and twitter!   If you're not sure who to follow, get started with some of these great accounts and the athletes they tag: 

@sheshredsco @girlisnota4letterword  @mahfia_TV @burtongirls @unicornpicnic @shejumps 

Which athletes do you follow?  Add your favorites in the comments! 

- Show Up for Women's Sports - sponsors often communicate that they're looking for more female participants as well as more of an audience for the female competitions they host.  So whether you're strapping on a board and trying a rail jam for the first time, or cheering on the ladies who are shredding it up from the sidelines, simply being there sends competition sponsors the clear message that girls are an important focus. 

4. Find a Story That Inspires You

Reading is a great way to connect with the stories and experiences of other women and girls around the world.  Our current favorite: It's Not About Pretty by Cindy Whitehead features incredible photography of 65 different skater girls who show us what it means to have a passion for skateboarding. 


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