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Bangladesh Surfer Girls

by Gina Duffy on October 31, 2016

Almost every day, we hear stories about FEARLESS girls and women from around the world, but some stories really humble and move us.  The story of this group of Surf Girls in Bangladesh was one that really struck a chord.  In a place where poverty and family struggles combine with cultural restrictions to make it almost impossible for girls to participate in action sports, this group of girls is defying the odds.  So when we were contacted and asked to share their story, we were inspired to support them!

For many girls in Bangladesh, surfing is not part of their reality. Instead of going to school and surfing at the beach in their spare time like beach town kids we all know, they are pulled from school to work the crowds selling trinkets to earn a dollar or two a day, in order help feed their families. They are told that decent girls don't surf or enjoy the ocean. The traditional clothing worn by the girls can be cumbersome or even dangerous to swim in, but they risk being ridiculed if they wear anything else while surfing.

Read the in depth LA Times Story:

Despite all of this, there is a small group of girls labeled "The Bangladesh Surf Girls" that have risen above the limits by getting in the ocean and surfing. One young girl has even won an event and provided food for her family in doing so. The surf girls are changing the tide for future generations of female surfers and is supporting them every step of the way!

When we were contacted about this incredibly brave and fearless group of females, we wanted to show them our support and make sure they know that they are inspiring so many other girls around the world!  



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