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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources


 How do I get promoted?
If you’ve expressed interest in promotion, you will be contacted at regular intervals, about your promotion status VIA EMAIL. Please be sure to check email - if you're not receiving any emails, make sure that we have your correct email address and contact information by updating your profile in our email system, and check your junk and promotions folders to see if our emails are going there. 
Each level has stricture promotion requirements - if you're wondering if you qualify, check out  the criteria for each level. 
Am I required to apply for a promotion? 
No, if you’re happy at the level you’re at, feel free to stay there. Make sure you’re meeting the basic criteria for that level as listed here. 
What can I do to make sure I get promoted to the level I want to be at?
In addition to staying active on social media and at live events as described in the promotion criteria, we recommend that you stay in touch with the staff about your goals.  Also, always CHECK YOUR EMAILS, and be sure your Ambassador Information is filled out correctly - you can update that at any time by filling out this form. 
For promotion to higher levels where you can earn gear rewards, we require participation in our community-building  programs.  We have many different ways to get involved in the community, so that ambassadors can decide what most appeals to them!
- Hosting a Meetup
- Recruiting New Ambassadors 
- Acting as a Community Moderator
- Writing blogs or filming vlogs
- Submitting video to our season edits
- Participating in Mentorship/Big Sis Program
What is the difference between the Team and Gold levels? 
If you are named a Team Athlete or Gold Level Ambassador, you've achieved one of the highest honors in our community programs.   


What is Okay to post on the community pages?
Our goal is to keep all of our community pages positive, focused on your sports, and full of lively conversations. Certain types of posts such as sales, fundraisers, and links to other brands are only allowed WITH PERMISSION! Watch the rules video!
Can I Host a Meetup?
We encourage all of you to get together with ladies in your local area to enjoy your sports.  Whether you prefer to just pop on Facebook and ask if anyone's available to shred, or to do something more formal, we love to see our ambassadors out there getting together and making friends. 


PARTNER BRANDS - Buying something off Evo or Backcountry? Your purchase can help support the ambassador program, simply by clicking a link. Have a look through all of our Partner Brands.
Can't find the answer to your questions here?  Try posting on the crew page or ask one of these staff:
Kelly Vance - Marketing director - - sales, general social media questions or questions that you didn’t get a response on
Gina Duffy - BOSS LADY - - questions about products and design
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