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We encourage all of our ambassadors to connect with each other and with others in the shred community via informal and formal meetups.  There are three types of meetups you can host. 
1. Informal Meetup - this is easy - just hop onto the SheShreds Nation Group and start a thread about a meetup in your local area to see if anyone is available!
TIP - tag some ladies in your local area to get the conversation started, or tag one of our moderators in your post to see if they know of any ladies to tag.
2. Crew Only Meetup - Feel free to use the events section in our crew page to encourage people to join you at a specific day and time.  We also suggest using the SheShreds Nation Group, as that has a larger community that includes both ambassadors and non-ambassadors. 
3. Formal Public Meetup - This type of meetup may be eligible for some small sponsorship from SheShreds depending on the level of planning and promotion involved (meaning: we want to be sure more than 2 girls will show up).  Here are some tips for a  public meetup: 
1. Schedule the meetup on a "good" day of the week.
    ► Check in with the girls you are hoping to attend to see what works best for them. 
    ► Check for other events at the meet up location (don’t schedule same day). 
    ► Check the school schedules to avoid vacations and utilize days off.
    2. Make a PUBLIC Facebook event, and BLAST it!

    ► Tag & Invite any ambassadors you know that are in the region.  Encourage them to spread the word!
    ► Send the link to Kelly to be shared on the Public SheShreds Facebook Calendar.
    ► Share it to the Crew and Nation facebook groups, as well as other local groups you're in.
    ► Invite friends and regional ambassadors.
    ► Have friends share out.
    ► Reach out to local clubs of this sport type.
    1. Have a flyer or print up created - hang on bulletin boards, local shops, and post on all your social media accounts.
    2. Reach out to other similar companies that may want to get involved in the SheShreds movement!
    3. Update in the event page regularly. Example: Hey Ladies, we are about 2 weeks away from the action, looking forward to meeting you!
    4. Let them know it's a relaxed, fun event with some free goodies!!!
    5. Tell girls WHY they should go to your meet up? What makes it special?
    6. Make the details clear. What, where, why, when, how??
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