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September Ambassador of the Month Adele Zeh

by Kelly Vance on September 01, 2016

Congratulations to our September 2016 Ambassador of the Month, Adele Zeh!


Sometimes it just takes one small good deed to make a big impression. Our September Ambassador of the Month Adele Zeh was nominated for helping out a fellow shredder in her time of need. Although we got several nominations this month, this story really moved us and demonstrated Adele's willingness to always go above and beyond for a friend in need.  We're honored to have her on our ambassador crew! 

A few weeks ago, my longboard trucks broke and I didn't have the money for spare ones. Many girls showed their willingness to help me out but I said no. Adele Zeh, though, kept sending me messages asking how she could help, and in the end she finally found a way. 
So just like that I am able to get new trucks. Why am I writing this to you? Because I am so happy, I am literally crying.  Adele asked me not to tell the crew or anyone, but I think she's an angel and deserves to be rewarded. I want to thank her big time, but I don't know how nor have the means to.  So I'd like to nominate her for ambassador of the month for September, because SheShreds is about shredding, but more importantly, it's about truly wishing to help others shred too.
Adele helped me in the most selfless way, but I can't tell anyone. I want the world to know of her act of kindness, but she asked me not to tell.  I'm so happy, and I met her because you gathered this amazing family, so I'm also thanking you for bringing us all together.
- A joyful longboarder.
- Marcel Sanchez

As always, the ambassador of the month decision is a hard one, so big props to all of our nominees!  These ladies all represent our core values: cool, compassionate and kind! 

 Sydnee Evans is a passionate and supportive individual who is extremely willing to help and work for what she wants. Sydnee was one of the first ambassadors to make me feel really welcome at a meet up. She has such a positive attitude that makes anyone feel like part of a group.
- Wynter McBride

 I'd like to nominate Amanda Maida for ambassador of the month because I love how inspiring her "Flightmedic Fitness" page is that she works on alongside being an awesome ambassador for the brand!
- Georgia Goodman



I would like to nominate Natalie Graham for ambassador of the month! :) She's always soooo helpful on the crew page & getting out there shredding hard & showing her dedication to all sorts of sports.  I think she's super deserving of it!
- Jenna Malcolm

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