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October Ambassador of the Month: Jenny Graburn

by Kelly Vance on October 02, 2016

Congrats to our October 2016 Ambassador of the Month, Jenny Graburn

Of all of our incredible ambassadors, Jenny Graburn stood out this month for her incredible initiative and hard work in creating a community for women in her sport. This September, she put a ton of work into getting together a Girls Dirtbike Weekend in Kimberly, British Columbia. With an amazing turnout, and a great group of ladies, we were super impressed with her effort, organization, and dedication to her sport, and we know all of the ladies at her event really appreciated it! Congrats on winning ambassador of the month, Jenny!!


Interested in joining Jenny's crew?  Check out her facebook page: Kootenay Women on Wheels for events and more! 

As always, we have enough incredible ambassador nominations to make our choice difficult!  Here are some of the other nominees who represent our core values: 

I would like to nominate Ricki Dzuba for Ambassador of the Month. She has been doing a great job promoting girls in extreme sports (GPs Extreme Female Athletes) and has also been active and supportive with SheShreds. Ricki has been working through some injuries but is still out shredding hard and being a positive role model!

- Ava Cook


I would like to nominate Lilly Ebbs! SheShreds is literally Lilly's world! She only started longboarding a few months ago and is ALREADY working on sliding!!! She's been amazing! She eats, breathes and sleeps SheShreds!

Every time we skate she is always talking about how awesome the company is and always making sure i know what our shred sisters have been up to, latest competitions they've won, etc. She's so proud to be a part of it, and tells literally everyone we see about it!! Whether we are snowboarding or skating or just going for a walk on the beach, she always manages to slide SheShreds into conversation with someone and makes sure that everyone she knows, knows all about the brand.

When she completes something shes been working hard on, she says "I cant wait to post a vid on the shred page later!!!!" Because she knows how helpful and encouraging everybody is!

She is always reppin' the clothing, like every time I see her she is sure to be wearing something!! She posts sheshreds photos as much as she can! She's such a great ambassador and she is so dedicated, proud and honoured to be a part of our family, it really shines through!!

I love how much she loves it! She's so encouraging and helpful, not just on a SheShreds level but as a friend!  

- Jade Cator

I would like to nominate Lilly Ebbs for Ambassador of the month!
Because she has come into this full guns blazing and she takes on anything that is thrown at her! If she can't do something she will give 110 percent until she can do it! She listens to everyone and helps everyone she is the most selfless person I have met, and luckily for me I have known Lilly for so many years and still she amazes me with her huge heart and everything she does for me! I think she is an inspiration and is up for anything Any adventure small or big! She backs me up for anything! And is always there to lend a hand!
So yeah I could go on forever about how much I love Lilly but I'm sure you can see anyway from her posts and dedication already to she shreds!

- Laura Corrigan

I'd like to vote for Ava Cook. Looks like she puts a lot of time into her sport which I'm assuming means she's passionate about it-that's pretty cool to see in a little peanut.
Plus I think she's super cute, have much respect for little girls getting out their and shredding these type of sports.

- Jenny Graburn

This month I want to nominate Jenna Malcolm, because she has been putting much practice and dedication hours on her board, spreading the stoke and the main reason for putting together the wake edit. That means she is willing to invest her time and talent on SheShreds. 

- Marcel Sanchez

I would like to nominate Marina Sanchez for ambassador of the month. I nominate her because she takes awesome pictures and is also always traveling and doing cool stuff with a smile on her face. I think her instagram gives off a very positive vibe and inspires others to be active and adventurous like she is!

- Lindsey Jarolmen


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