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Motivational Mondays - Fighting an Injury

by Bold Apps on March 12, 2018


Pictured: Ambassador Sophie Geohagen was cheered up during a tough injury by hanging out with her ambassador friends. 

By: Ambassador Jada Johannes

Hey Dudettes! Injuries stink, especially when it means you can’t do what you love. Trust me, I  know! I had a broken thumb last season and couldn't snowboard for 2 months.

Yes, that is  incomparable to some of the injuries you ladies have been through, but big or small, an injury can ruin your season. But wait! It’s not the end! Here’s a few tips on fighting through injuries and staying positive.  

  • Finding something to keep you busy while you’re injured can redirect negative thoughts. Don’t think of an injury as a setback, but rather a chance to learn something new.  
  • It can be hard adjusting to a new routine, but try to keep things as normal as possible. Bring aspects from before you were injured back into your life. Example: Say you broke your leg and can’t run everyday like you use to...instead of running try to just take a small walk. By doing this it can bring back feelings of enjoyment and get you outdoors in the sunshine.
Although unable to wakeboard with a broken wrist, Ambassador
Jenna Malcolm decided to get out on the boat and teach others
her favorite sport, a great way to stay positive! 
  • Find a good support system. Make sure you always have someone there to keep you positive when you feel low. The more support you have the easier it can be to fight through an injury. Keeping yourself positive is all and all what it takes to fight, because at the end of the day you control your thoughts.

Quick Tips:

  1. Go the SheShreds groups on Facebook for advice and support - not a member? Consider joining the Ambasador Crew or SheShreds Nation!
  2. Learn to draw, write a short story, or learn to crochet!  Setting goals with new projects can help motivate and excite you.

Our ambassador crew have been helping to cheer up ambassador
Ava Cook on social media after she was injured at a competition.


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