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Since its inception, SheShreds.co has dedicated every waking moment to ensure that no girl or woman ever feels alone while following their passion for adventure. The only way to do that successfully was to create an extended family for you – a sisterhood of athletes and ambassadors who ride with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and win with you.  In this sisterhood, you have a chance to find your individuality and still be one with other girls just like you.

All over the world, our ambassadors ignite each other’s fearless side in bold and unique ways. They train together, they push past their limits together. They progress together. And if one takes a fall, ten more are standing right nearby ready to scoop her up.

We have fostered a global interactive community of women and girls who are cool, kind, inspirational and passionate about their sports.

Our tiered ambassador program supports and educates females in this lifestyle, from video edit how-to’s, to capturing the best action shots, how to produce your own female focused events, giving input on our designs, blogging and growing female participation at all levels.


Our ambassador program includes many facets such as local SheShreds Meet Ups, Big Sis program, Shred PenPals, social media marketing guidance, internships, FB Live sessions with coaches, mentors and a 24-hour-7-days-a-week global community of girls discussing issues that are important to them, encouraging each other, giving advice and non-stop support. A true sisterhood.

The enormous diversity in sports and ages of our ambassador core make it an incredibly unique program. From 2 to 42 year olds; from the mountains to the seaside to the skatepark and beyond our positive, inclusive mission and message resonates with so many girls like you!

Read our "About Us" to get the full story on the SheShreds mission and message!

Do you qualify?

We’re looking for girls who have lots of personality, creativity and who are influencers. We love girls who coach, compete and who shred on the daily. Other qualities we look for are: a highly active social media presence and who attend action sports events, comps and clinics. The most important thing above all others, is that you are, passionate, cool and you are KIND! We are looking to grow these sports for females and want to make sure our girls make others feel welcome and included.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a competitive athlete, how do I get sponsored by SheShreds?

Join up!  Our ambassador program is the avenue we use for sponsorship!  The program consists of four different levels, and those that want to be sponsored work to achieve the highest level.

I’m not an expert at my sport, but I really love it, can I still join?

Yes!  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy action-adventure sports or participate in them. Whether you’re a serious athlete or just seriously stoked, all you need is passion. We welcome all levels and all abilities to participate.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

Ambassadors get included in our amazing global community, access to clinics, coaching and training, opportunities to earn free gear from SheShreds and our brand partners, a great discount, features on the brand’s social media, mentoring, events and meetups around the world, and so much more!

What will be required from me as an ambassador?

Depending on what your goals are with the program, ambassadors engage with the brand in a wide variety of ways, from hosting meetups and participating in local events, to helping to spread the word about the brand on social media, to helping design new apparel and products.  We let each of our ambassadors choose whether they want to have fun with or work hard and go all the way to gold!   

Why is Facebook required?

Our crew page on Facebook is the core of our ambassador community, offering the chance to meet each other, talk, and make friends.  The facebook page is full of amazing opportunities, including meetups and clinics, online trainings, contests to win free merchandise, opportunities to guide the SheShreds brand, and chances to speak via video to our founder Gina Duffy!

I have another question, who can I ask?

Drop an email ambassador@sheshreds.co and Marina will get right back to you!

I’m in! What do I do next?

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