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Motivational Mondays - A Bit About Me

by Kelly Vance on December 06, 2016

by Ambassador Jada Johannes

I’m from a small town in Minnesota. My main action sport is snowboarding, but I’ve recently started longboarding, and it's becoming a new obsession. Other than my action sports, I do high school sports, cross country, dance team, and softball. I was introduced to She Shreds, about a year ago through one of my good friends, Erin Eblen. I used to just follow along with SheShreds events and such, until about a month ago my friend Erin pushed me into becoming an ambassador. It's been great!

My blogs, “Motivational Mondays” are going to be about motivation and ways that you can continue motivating yourself day in and day out. There will be a new post every other week, so be sure to check back! I’ll be including my own tips, along with tips from other ambassadors. Some post more serious, while other plain old fun. Most of my messages will based off of one new topic for each new post.

After every blog, I will give you 2-5 easy tips that you’ll be able to use throughout the week to help you get up, get out there, and get going, plus a motivational quote to keep in mind! Overall I hope to help you all in your everyday positivity and passions in life.

“All good things will come to those who find kindness in their hearts and feel open to passing it on to others.” - Jada

Quick Tips:

Scared to try something new?

  • Stop. Block out the world. Think. If the fear wasn't there, would you try it?  Yes, of course you would!


Pushing yourself to try something new.

  • One of the biggest things a person can do to help push themselves to try something new is to surround themselves with people that are positive examples.
  • Wake up every morning and think, “I can do it”....”Today's the day.” Having a good mindset is key to staying motivated.

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