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The Road to Wake Park Worlds - Piper Harris

by Kelly Vance on August 29, 2016

Silver Level Ambassador Piper Harris dreams big for a 14-year-old!  She's hoping to travel to the 2016 Wake Park World Championships in the Phillipines to compete in the Girls Division in the Traditional competition, and Open Women in the Features competition. Unfortunately, most amateur riders have to pay their own expenses for the trip, and so Piper is hoping to raise the necessary funds to make this dream come true! 

Piper is currently running a fundraising campaign to help make this dream come true, and we did a quick interview with her about the campaign:

Tell us about the event that you're raising money for. 
I am raising money for Wake Park World Championships in the Philippines.  The money will go to the cost of airline tickets, registration fees, cable time and everything else I will need in the Philippines.

Why will going to this event be meaningful to you? 

I'm so excited to have qualified for worlds and can't wait for my first opportunity to compete at the international level. I have overcome bloody cable hands, face plants, bruised body, aching knees, injuries & fears to have this opportunity. I have been training and competing at the local, state and national level for the last 4 seasons. This is a great way for me to show the world "little girls" can shred too plus stand up & represent for all my shred sisters! This will be an amazing experience that I hope will have an impact on my future as a pro wakeboarder. I am stoked to be able to further the advancement of girls in wakeboarding by competing at the world championship. 

How has competing in wakeboarding positively impacted your life?
Competing in wakeboarding gives me confidence and is has also helped me make a lot of friends across the country and world.

What makes you fearless? 
To be honest, I am not fearless. I’m afraid of a lot of things I do, I just try not to let it get to my head.

What are some struggles that you think women face in your sport?
Women definitely face some struggles, such as not having as many divisions to compete in as guys.  We also don’t get to do some of the really big competitions.  For example, this is the first year that they have had a female competitor at Wake the Line – Shred on, Julia Rick!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  
Hopefully I will be a pro wakeboarder and attending college!  If not, I plan to be at a good college and still wakeboarding.

Want to help Piper out? Every donation counts!

What is cable wakeboarding?  Cable wakeboarders are pulled across the water by a rope and handle attached to a cable winch system instead of a boat.  This allows them to do tricks off of features such as jumps and rails, making the competitive athletes such as Piper super fun to watch!

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