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October 2017 Ambassador of the Month: Ava Cook

by Kelly Vance on October 03, 2017

Congrats to Ava Cook, our October 2017 Ambassador of the Month!

This month, we asked our crew to come up with girls who stood out over the summer for their competitive accomplishments for our ambassador of the month.  From wakeboarding to mountain biking to equestrian sports, we had so many girls who impressed us that it was hard to pick just one!  But in the end, the crew girls felt inspired by 10-year-old Ava Cook, who took on a major skateboarding competition, FISE Edmonton, and won, despite having hardly any girls to ride with at the competition! 

This is the first time an ambassador has won ambassador of the month twice in the history of the program!  We're stoked to honor this young shredder yet again for her accomplishments and for always pushing the limits of the sports she participates in.



We had so many ambassadors to honor in this category, that it was hard to pick just one!


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Heidi Vercesi wowed us all when she took the Women's Wakeskate World Championships at the 2017 Nautique WWA World Championships this August!  She landed on numerous podiums in her division and continues to push women's wakeskate to the next level! 


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Colleen Cain continued to impress with her wakeboarding progression this year, moving up to competing in the tough Outlaw (Semi-Pro) series and landing on several podiums, including a first place at the Heyday Wakesurf Championships.  She is now ranked 14th in the world in her new division. 


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Jordan Wolfe is one of our long time ambassadors, and this has been a year where she really shone in competitive wakeboarding, taking home major awards including several podiums at the Gravel Tour, finishing First Place overall for the tour for her age group!

Rae Powis started her first season of competing in Mountain Biking this year and blew us all away, taking home a Silver in the women's masters division at the British 4X National Championships, and finishing the season ranked 1st in women's masters and 5th overall in the series. 


A post shared by Haylie (@microhaylie) on

Haylie Powell is a young Australian skater and surfer that stacked a ton of podiums so far this year, including competitions where there was no girls division!   We love to see her pushing her sport at such a young age, and can't wait to see what's next. 




Lowri Davies is representing Great Britian at the World Championships in Freestyle Kayaking after performing strongly in competition, including a recent first place at the Salt Kayak Festival. 

Lills Hubbard wowed us with her progression this summer in the sports of skateboarding and surfing, competing for the first time in skateboarding, and taking home several awards in the Eastern Surfing Association Series. 


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McKenna Kameka worked hard at her sport and landed on a podium in the top 3 in nearly every motocross race in her series this year, which was an incredible accomplishment.  We were stoked to see the photos of her races and watch her skill develop. 


A post shared by Lainy Procter (@lainyprocter85) on


Lainy Proctor has introduced us all to more of the sport of Barrell Racing, taking home awards in the BCHRSA in Canada. 



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