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August Ambassador of the Month: Ava Cook

by Kelly Vance on August 01, 2016



The youngest Ambassador of the Month we've had, 9-year-old Ava Cook inspires our ambassadors with her dedication and passion for her chosen sports.  Already a talented snowboarder, this summer Ava decided to learn skateboarding, and has spent every free moment at the skatepark learning and trying new things.  Our crew has taken notice, and she was nominated by three different ladies this month, all who are inspired by her great attitude, progression, and independent spirit!   And of course, a nod to Ava can't go without mention of her Dad, Chris Cook, who supports his daughters in any adventure they want to undertake!  

"I would like to nominate Ava Cook for her enthusiasm and dedication to her sports and her desire to be in every competition rain or shine, and especially if there are no other girls in the competition which can be so intimidating. She rocks, I met her quick in Canmore and she is adorable and sweet.  If she does get to be ambassador of the month then perhaps a little shout out can go to her Dad as well for being so supportive of her, I’m sure he works his butt off to get her to all these competitions all over western Canada." - Chantal Von Rotz

"Want to make a nomination for the ambassador of the month, this time I'm voting Ava Cook (and her dad Chris).  I read their stories and felt like it their going through the same struggle most of us dealt with in our childhood and teen age. I think Chris is doing a great ´dad job´ listening and trying to understand her and fighting to see his daughter happy, and thats something you don't see everyday. And what to say about Ava??....she´s just a rockstar!" - Magdalena Gil Deza

"I want to nominate Ava Cook, because she's always out there shredding and representing, and traveling places just for competitions and having fun. The next shredder generation is on the right track!" - Marcel Sanchez 

These ladies represent RAD, COOL, COMPASSIONATE and KIND very well:

Cristina Ubilla

"I am nominating her because she pushes me to try new things will shreding and giving me confidence to try it. She also inspired me to join the group of sheshreds and she has done a good job as a big sis." - Cristy Castellanos

 Joanna Brashear

"I am nominating Joanna Phillips for ambassador of the month... I feel like Jo would be a great candidate for this because not only does she encourage other ambassadors to shred she encourages her son to shred!  I don't personally know Jo, I've never met her, but from talking to her and seeing her post I feel like she has a great attitude and  personality that represents She Shreds!!" - Sara Malcom

"For this month I would like to nominate Joanna. She helps with a lot of stuff in SheShreds including our weekly albums. She is so nice and funny and always participating in the group chat. While living with MS, she is still one of the most bad ass ladies I know. She is so strong and fearless, I can't imagine ever going through what she has to. But she's still a crazy shredder and a great mom to CJ. She is totally amazing." - Grace Hiljus

Colleen Cain

"She is always welcoming of the new girls, ready to voice her opinion on a subject and a great shredder. She promotes the SheShreds company, her sports and a healthy life. She is someone I look forward be being like and am hoping to one day meet. Tho I have not meet Colleen face to face, I feel that her comments and posts on Social Media portray the whole hearted person she truly is. This is what I think the Ambassador of the month should portray and Colleen rocks it!" - Marina Sanchez

 Jenna Malcolm

 "Jenna Malcolm is in a contest that started out with 51 athletes, and now I believe she is in the final 8.  She went head-to-head against a dude in a common sport - in the south, no less and still advanced to the next round!!  I sure hope she wins the contest it would be a great promotion of a) Women in sports and b) the sport of wakeboarding itself!!"  - Natalie Graham

 Marissa Sumwalt

"Marissa Sumwalt for coming back strong!  I know injuries happen, but back-to-back injuries are so defeating.  Marissa came back and took life by the horns and went surfing...which requires massive strength using her shoulders to paddle to the line-up, plus she had to paddle hard to even catch the waves." - Natalie Graham







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