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What It Means To Be a Ambassador

by Allie Huish on April 21, 2017

By: Allie Huish

Here at, we believe in celebrating everyday girls doing extraordinary things-every day. But don't just take my word for it, just ask any of our ambassadors and you will quickly learn how SheShreds has changed their life in a positive way.

Here's something Ambassador Erika Norcross had to say,

"Being an ambassador for SheShreds is empowering. There's nothing like having a massive group of girls supporting every move you make... It's a family. Girls in action sports are definitely on the rise, and it's groups and ladies like us that keep it alive."

One of our many mottos at is "Fate Loves the Fearless" and Ambassador Marci Sherman elaborates on that perfectly.

"Being an ambassador means being fearless, honest, brave, and kind. Every girl in this not-so-little family has demonstrated those qualities and many others. It means being able to set a good example to other girls in action sports, especially your own...It's so amazing to see all of the progression everyone has made in this group whether it be from just asking questions or going out and riding with other ambassadors. There is only positivity and the girls only lift each other up."

Ambassador Marnie Millington talks about the progress she has seen with women in action/adventure sports over the years through groups like SheShreds.

"I would have loved to have a group like this when I was younger. I had nobody to wakeboard/ride with when I started out... Being part of the gang you see all these girls supporting each other, encouraging each other to go and get on it... We can all chat and bounce ideas off each other, ask how to improve on a certain trick and even what gear to wear. I enjoy being part of this growing movement, of girls who are out there pushing themselves at their sport."


Want to be a part of our growing crew?  Email for more info! 

by Kelly @ SheShreds on April 26, 2017

Hi Igne.six – please email to get all the info!

by Inge.six on April 24, 2017

hello, i have a twelve year old daughter who is member of a belgian Wakeboard team and she is interested to become ammbasador for sheshred
Can you give us some information how it works
Thank you


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