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Traveling for ME

by Kanan Thakur on August 12, 2018

Traveling, by definition is “making a journey, typically of some length.” But on a personal level, it has a completely different definition for every individual.  We all have different styles, purposes and goals in mind when we travel.  My style is unique, but it has some great benefits!  


As a Paragliding Pilot, I travel a lot with the sport. Much of my travel revolves around going to as many flying sites as possible, mostly deep in the countryside. For example, when many people travel to France, they most likely visit Paris and other big cities, and seek out historic monuments and famous museums.  My trip to France took me to a small town called Doussard close to Annecy, flying off a mountain everyday.

Being in a much smaller town, I also get a chance to spend time with the locals and learn about them. This broadens your perspective in unique way, and helps you respect their beliefs.


Some might think what an idiot, traveling all the way to France and not visiting The Eiffel Tower.  However, I honestly love staying in these small towns with the locals, living their lifestyles, learning about their cultures and traditions. I feel that sometimes when you travel to cities that are very popular with tourists, you don’t get to see the real country but just a tourism fantasy.






We all get nervous when we travel alone especially when we are faced with unexpected situations, but crying isn’t a option.  You need to stand up and take charge. There is always a way around it and knowing the fact that you can deal with problems and make things work, boosts your confidence.


Traveling makes you do things you might not do or try at home. It pushes you to achieve more. I used to be very scared/nervous to interact with the locals, but I had to open up and when I did I found I had a great talent for languages. I stayed in Krusevo, Macedonia for 3 weeks with the locals and learnt enough Macedonian to have a basic conversation. This summer in France I had to cook all my meals as France is really expensive. I was surprised to learn that I was actually a good cook. I really enjoyed cooking meals for all my friends (of course, I made them do the dishes later!) It made me feel happy and that I could survive and didn't need to dependent on anyone.




No trip goes as planned, no matter how hard you try. But the best thing about this is it makes you flexible and brings out your spontaneous side. This really helps you in life; if one thing doesn’t work out, you've learned you can have a great time trying something new. 


Making new friends on the road is much easier than at home.

Most of the time, you strike a conversation with the locals to know about the area, asking their favorite place to eat at or things to do in the area. Locals are always very welcoming and kind.  Every time I have landed out in some farmers field I have been invited in for food, tea, coffee, got a drop all the way to my campsite, and more. They are always so curious to know about you especially a girl dropping of the sky (hahaha).













Traveling solo and being away from home, family, and close friends makes us appreciate them more. I love it when I call up home and talk all about my day, share my excitement and joy with my close ones.

Plus shopping and getting them cute and funny things is the best!



Traveling is all about making new memories. Every day is filled with adventure and the best way to capture it all it to write a diary and include pictures in it. I always keep my travel diary with me and save anything I feel reminds me of that day.





These are some of the reasons I love to travel and explore the world. I hope you enjoyed reading and you could relate!  Comment and let me know about your favorite off-the-beaten-path travel spots!

Stay safe and Have fun.      

KANAN - Girlatcloudbase 


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1 comment
by Sam on January 02, 2019

Great writing, Kanan!

You really get to the heart of it. Travel is not just about seeing things and ticking them off your list, it’s about engaging with a place and the people there, that is the dealt journey for me.

It’s been a pleasure to share the skies with you on occasion, here’s hoping for many more adventures!


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