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Tech Tip Tuesday - Show Your Skateboard Some Love

by Kelly Vance on September 20, 2016

By Ambassador Kira Martinez

Sometimes you just enjoy skating so much that you forget that your skateboard needs love too. The bearings are like the heart of your skateboard, they keep everything rolling and if you don't keep them lubricated, that can slow you down.

For this tech tip I'll show you how to lubricate your bearings so you can keep rolling.

The first step is to remove your wheel by taking off the axle nut.

When you remove your wheel, remember that there are two o-rings that sit on each side of the wheel. Put these someplace where you won't lose them.

For removing the rubber shield from the bearing I used a old bobby pin with the rubber tip ripped off.

Carefully push the bobby pin ( the end without the plastic tip)  in between the rubber shield and the inner steel ring. Once you have the bobby pin wedged in you can pop the rubber shield out.


Once the shield is off you will be able to see the bearing. The lubricant I use has a little dip trip, just once drip per ball bearing will get the job done.

Don't forget to flip your wheel over and lubricate the other bearing.

Now you can put your rubber shield back on. Just push it back into place, you'll hear a little snap noise when it's back in place.

When you put your wheel back on. Don't forget that one o-ring sits on each side of the wheel.

Put the axel but back on and tighten it down. Remember not to tighten it down to much or else your wheel won't spin.

The bearing lubricant that I use is Bones Speed Cream.  Use something designed for bearings, not a generic lubricant like WD40, it attracts dirt and will get sticky.


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