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Style Guide: 3 Favorite Snapback Hair Looks

by Gina Duffy on July 22, 2016

Style Guide: How To Rock A Snapback 

By Ambassador Joanna Brashear


Ambassador Christelle Rodas' daughter

Need a little inspiration on how to wear your hair while rocking one of the signature Snapbacks? We are here to give you some rad ideas for snapback hair styles!


One of the hottest trends right now (especially for summer) is braids with your snapback! Braids can be simple or they can be intricate depending on your style.

 Upper Right & Left: Ambassador Jade Cator, Center Right: Ambassador Christelle Rodas, Bottom Left: Ambassador Dana Wright, Bottom Right: Ambassador Jade Cator 

Most girls prefer the side braid.  Basically all you need to do is pull all your hair over to one side and then loosely braid, leaving out pieces of hair for the perfect "undone" look if you like.

The second most popular braid style is double braids.  Simply part your hair down the middle and then braid each side, for a more polished look you can try dutch braiding or french braiding which requires some practice (and maybe some Youtube videos) but looks beautiful.

One of our faves...the waterfall braid. This is a cascading  braid that gradually picks up pieces as it goes down into a regular braid, this can be tricky and is usually best done by a friend or with lots of patience and practice!

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Messy Pony

Ambassador Sara Grayson                     Ambassador Christelle Rodas' daughter      

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Another snapback hairstyle you can rock is the simple ponytail.  You can either do a ponytail that goes out the back of the hat or you can gather your hair into a low ponytail and slip the hat on over, either way a ponytail looks cute and fun! Keep it loose and a little messy to keep it current.

Beachy Waves

Top Left: Ambassador Dana Wright, Top Center: Ambassador: Colleen Cain, Top Right: Ambassador Dana Wright, Bottom Left: Ambassador Jade Cator, Bottom Right: Ambassador Piper Harris

If you are like me, you love messy beach hair! There is nothing easier after a long day of surfing at the beach or behind the boat then putting on your favorite snapback. All you have to do is lightly comb thru your locks and slip on a hat! It's super simple and super cute.

We are big fans of the undone beachy hair and snapback look!

What's your favorite way to rock a snapback? Comment and share below!


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