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Stickering the World, Style!

by Kelly Vance on September 22, 2016 ambassadors live, work, play and travel all around the world, and nothing quite speaks to the breadth of their reach like a photo gallery! Here our ambassadors share some of the amazing places they've traveled with their stickers! 

Chantal Von Rotz, Canada

Laura Corrigan, traveling in Bali

Brindley Faile, traveling in CA

Christelle Rodas, CO

Colleen Daugherty, TX

Meg Krofcheck, PA

Marina Sanchez, Canada

Ashley Labounty, NH

Marnie Millington, UK

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Noelle Sanders, CT

Colleen Daugherty, TX

Elly Tso, UK

Kitty Egelman, Netherlands

Marina Sanchez, Canada

Katie Johnstone, OH

Magda Gil Deza, Argentina

Ashley Labounty, NH

Erin Witherspoon, NJ

Noelle Sanders, UT

Colleen Daugherty, TX

Janie Hensley, GA

Ashlyn Overland, NY

Erin Eblen, OH Sofia Puijola, Finland

Bonnie Kline, GA

Chantal Von Rotz, Canada Wynter McBride, UT

Elliot Hanks, NY

Rae Powis, UK Marina Sanchez, Canada

Ricki Dzuba, Canada

Courtney Bamford, Canada

Rae Powis, UK

Jett Elkins, CO

Courtney Bamford, Canada Grace Hiljus, MN

Ashlyn Overland, NY

Kira Holm, Canada
Marnie Millington, UK

Bonnie Kline, GA

Kira Holm, Canada Katie Johnstone, OH

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