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Shred Spot: The Log Spot

by Kelly Vance on March 16, 2017

by Ambassador Maria Brunori

In today’s world, reducing, reusing, and recycling plays a big part in keeping our earth clean and lowering the amount of waste people use. One of our own ambassadors, Abigail Berg, realized this and decided to apply it to snowboarding.   With her husband’s help, she created a shred spot for skiers and snowboarders reusing natural resources such as fallen logs. As a team, they took something dead and used it to create something incredible for the public’s use... that is, if you can find it. This spot is appropriately called The Log Spot.

Located in the backcountry of Soda Springs, Idaho, up Trail Canyon, The Log Spot is built and maintained by Abigail and her husband. Not only do they work on builds and maintenance during the off-season, but further maintenance is required throughout the winter due to snowfall. Typically, these natural features are for intermediate to advanced freestyle skiers and riders and features will vary annually. This season, you can find a kink log, jump to bonk/stall, a pole jam, a huge log ride, and a double battleship log rail- all of which were hand built. Along with these features, there are natural cliffs to be dropped, and often plenty of powder to build jumps. 

With resort ticket prices skyrocketing all around the country, the Log Spot is the perfect place to spend a day riding natural, well-built park features without having to wait in lines. It is recommended that you have a 4-wheel drive car to make it up the trail during the winter months but there is enough parking on the side of the trail for the whole squad to park! So get your gear ready, your squad hyped, your cameras charged, and your GPS set, and make your way to a super rad, hand-crafted, natural jib park! And as always, please respect the nature around you and the work that Abigail and her husband created!


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near 3209-3227 Trail Canyon Rd, Soda Springs, ID 83276

A Quick Interview with Abigail:

How long ago did you and your husband first begin building the log spot? What was your motivation behind it? How long did it take to finish?

A few years ago... we hate paying tons of money at overly priced resorts just to wait in long lines to hit poorly built features. We built it in a few weeks, but it requires more building when the snow falls.  

What do you ride (ski or snowboard) and for how long have you been doing it? What skill level do you need to be to hit these features? 

I snowboard and I have been snowboarding for maybe 9 years... I would say it varies depending on the feature from intermediate to advanced.

When is the best time to go to the log spot? How far of a hike is it from the road to the log spot? Any recommendations for parking or the drive?

Anytime there is snow.  It stays pretty snowy because it's a north facing slope. It's probably 50 yards from the road, so not far at all.  Parking is just on the side of the road, so it depends on if the plows have been through or not.  I would recommend an AWD or 4WD car to be save, but I've had tons of people drive 2wd cars up there with no problems at all.

Is it just you and your husband who do maintenance on it? What types of features do you build? Do you cut down trees or use trees that have already fallen?

We only used dead logs.  It's just us keeping it going. We have a kink log, jump to bonk or stall, pole jam, huge log ride, and a double battle ship log rail, and there are a few cliff drops.


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