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SheShreds Q&A - Rikki McGhee of The Besst Yet

by Bold Apps on January 31, 2018

Another partner in our upcoming SheShreds Jamboree Series, Besst Yet Magazine is new to the local Utah scene, but has made a great impression.  We talked to Rikki McGhee from their magazine to get their perspective on the Jamboree! 

You launched The Besst Yet magazine a little over a year ago, tell us what that experience has been like for you?  What is the mission and vision for the outlet? 
We wanted to create a local magazine that had more of a community feel instead of just advertisements. Our Warms the Heart and Community Awareness pages give us the ability to highlight amazing people and organizations around us that some people might not know about. I also get to work hand in hand with a lot of local business owners which is incredible in and of itself. I have so much respect for people who have a dream and take action to make it a reality. 

You have a lot of women on your crew at The Besst Yet. What unique challenges have you faced ramping up a new media outlet as woman? Were there disadvantages, advantages?
Well, there are a lot of kick ass women on our team, but we also have some men take we couldn’t do without. I really haven’t had any disadvantages that I can think of so far. You just have to be confident at what you are doing and own it. 
What advice would you give a young lady wanting to pursue a career in media/advertising etc.? What nuggets of wisdom might you impart?
Follow your passions and work hard. You really can do anything if you want it bad enough. 
We are super excited for The Besst Yet Mag/SheShreds.co partnership for our winter initiatives. What is your take on it? Why did you decide to work with SheShreds.co?
I have three little girls, and I want them to grow up knowing that they can do anything. They are strong. They are beautiful. They are already super adventurous, and I want to nurture that. 

I see the look on their faces when they see women rocking whatever sport they are doing and it’s the look of admiration. Those are great role models to have in my book. 


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