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SheShreds Q&A - Jenice Jones, Jones Shirts & Signs

by Bold Apps on January 27, 2018

Jones Shirts & Signs has been an amazing partner & supporter since we launched SheShreds, working with us on a variety of printing projects and sponsoring many of our events, including the upcoming SheShreds Jamboree at Powder Mountain.  We were excited to sit down with one of the owners, Jenice Jones and learn more about the creativity and drive that has brought them success. 


We have watched your business grow exponentially since we first started working with you. What has that been like? 
Growth is fun and challenging. I have had some great people help bring Jones Shirts & Signs to where we are now. We've found that when everyone shares their talents, we all can grow together. That theory has worked for 17 years so I think I'll keep running with it.

Tell us a little about the business history?
This started as an idea to work from home doing art and making signs rather than in my husband's screen printing business.  My husband found this cute little retail spot (from a banner I'd made) and my direction changed.  I had to find out what people want. We are always finding new and better ways to fill our customer's needs.  That's how the slogan "Bring Your Creativity, or borrow ours" came about.  Our best advertising has been repeat business and word of mouth. 

What is your vision for the future?
I'd like to keep doing what we are and growing, if we need to, along the way.

What is your full service offering these days?
We offer full service embroidery, screen printing, custom shirts, rhinestones, promo items, signs, banners and business cards.  Throw an idea our way and we just might be able to pull it off.

You are a family owned business, female driven and staffed in large part. Are there any disadvantages/advantages to that?
I spent my first 15 years of working in my father's business along with a lot of my family.  Family businesses have challenges that might be unique but they also have great benefits.  I try to keep the 'Mom' hat away from the shop so it is a bit more professional.

Any specific challenges you face as a female business owner?
I haven't run into many problems as a female business owner. As long as I take myself serious and follow through, things work well.  I enjoy what I do and feel really blessed to be able to do what I enjoy to make a living too.

If a young woman were interested in entrepreneurship, specifically in the custom apparel and merchandise realm what sage advise might you offer? Any resources or must reads to consider?
I would suggest 'The Tipping Point' and the 'E-Myth Manager' for serious reading before "jumping in" to the position of running the business.  Being the 'boss' is much different than just working for a customer.  You have to be accountable for yourself as well as your team's actions.  I work hard at being responsive and proactive.  Those things and a positive attitude help me not get too overwhelmed.

We have enjoyed our multidimensional partnership with JS&S/ What is your take on it? Why do you choose to step out of the vendor/client relationship and directly support our events and programs?
We enjoy working with SheShreds.  You guys are on the cutting edge of your sports community.  You dream up new ideas for decoration and we work to put it into reality.  I really like the theme and drive behind the SheShreds brand.  I see it as promoting good, healthy lifestyles for girls.  I think it offers a lot of opportunities locally that young girls might not get otherwise.  Brave and strong are traits that can be nurtured in girls and they can still be cute and trendy. 


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