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SheShreds Q&A - DJ Chassis

by Bold Apps on January 09, 2018
We're thrilled to have the talented DJ Chassis providing music for our upcoming event series at Powder Mountain, the SheShreds Jamboree.  This week, we took some time to touch base with her and learn more about her career and passion for music, and what being a part of an all-female snowsports event means to her! 
How did you pick your stage name? 

When I was trying to come up with a DJ name I wanted it to be different and represent a woman in some way. I grew up listening to jazz music when I was younger and my grandparents were a huge influence on my life. They loved jazz and taught swing dancing at the Berthana, (above Union Grill) back in the day. When I was researching I saw that in the 1920’s there was a thing called “Jazz Slang” and when I went through It I saw that “Chassis” was jazz slang for the female body. As soon as I saw that, I knew that was the name I would be using.

How long have you been a DJ? What would you say your style/genre specialty is?

I started learning how to DJ in 2005 and was djing professionally by 2006. My specialty is underground hip hop, soul and funk but I play all genres of music.

Being a DJ is still pretty much a male dominated space. We have had the good fortune to know and work with a lot of  pioneering female DJs across the country past and present. What is your take on being a female DJ?

Being a female DJ has both advantages and disadvantages. I believe it sets me apart from my competition by being a female DJ. People may take more notice of me because of that. However most people don’t think I can actually mix because I’m female and they are completely surprised when they see I can. They think I’m just pressing buttons or something hahaha. I am an event DJ and DJ everything from corporate events to weddings and I’ve noticed that some brides may not want to hire a female DJ for their wedding. That’s not always the case since I DJ plenty of weddings but there has been times I haven’t been chosen because I’m a girl.

Do you have any plans to produce your own tracks? 

 Producing is a whole other ball game. I don’t know if I will start making beats but you never know. I have created mashups, (where you take an acapella from one song and lay it over the instrumental of another song), some of my favorites are, ”Wherever Lil Jon may roam” where I mashed up, Lil Jon’s Snap Yo Fingers, and Metallica’s, Wherever I may roam and “Tom’s so krispy”, where I mashed up Kia Shine’s, I’m so krispy over Suzanne Vega’s,  Tom’s Diner. Blending the old with the new sounds so awesome.

What made you want to gig at the Jamboree events? 
Girl power is so awesome! I love seeing girls do things that is primarily taken over by men. I grew up in the Ogden Valley and love that is based there. Plus the founders, Gina and Tony are really good people!


What does the future look like for DJ Chassis?
I co-own a business called Creative Entertainment & Image along with my boyfriend Amir Jackson, (DJ Mir-ism). We both have a love of DJing and photography and have been doing both for 15+ years.

Most events need both a photographer and a DJ and our business provides both. In the future we will also offer a mobile bar service. We would like to be your 1 stop shop for events!


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